Choosing Colors

One of the things I was most looking forward to as we moved from an apartment to a house was the chance to paint an entire home exactly the way I wanted to. Get out of here with your rules on what shades I can use or where I can put my colors. My house; my walls, suckers!

But what I didn’t realize until I finally had the chance to do exactly what I wanted, whatever I wanted, was how dang hard it would be. 

I’m a big fan of color, you see. In fact, I’m a big fan of being a big fan of things. I can’t have a “favorite” anything. If you’re lucky you’ll get a top three. If. You’re. Lucky. Ask me my favorite color. Go on, do it. 

Well, for cars it’s middle blue (yes, I said what I said), unless it’s burnt orange or bright red. For clothes, it’s probably a dusty rose…unless it’s a navy blue, maroon or gray. And if I could change my hair color like Tonks, I’d have lavender one day and auburn the next. 

See what I mean? I love colors, and my brain is chaos. So how am I supposed to choose just one for a room? 

Then you have to (or…I have to because I’m a freakin’ crazy person and watched FAR too much HGTV) consider the moods the colors bring with them, how they interact with the sunlight and if they’ll match the colors you’re already rocking in the space. 

All of this just culminates in me sitting on the carpet surrounded by approximately 7 million paint chips frozen in indecision, certain I’ll be 62 before I finally choose whether I want to go with greens or blues for the master bedroom. 

Enter Husband stage left. 

“It’s just paint,” he says. “Just choose one, try it out, and if you hate it, we can cover it up.”

Mr. Rationality rolls up on my madness with the kind of talk that makes me throw a sock at him in the moment, but actually sticks in my brain. 

I know choosing a paint color isn’t something anyone would call a monumental decision (I mean, unless you’re the person who painted the White House. That was kind of a big deal). But I wonder what we would do — and what exciting risks we would take — if we allowed ourselves to make life choices like we were choosing paint colors. 

Some decisions are crazy difficult to undo — like, please don’t choose a life partner with the same attitude as picking paint —  but most come with easy-access exit ramps that can be taken anytime. 

You can always move back once you’ve tried living in your dream city. You can always grow your hair back after you chop it. You can always admit that taking up skateboarding at 30 was kind of a mistake. 

But maybe you’ll love your new home, rock a fresh new look or realize you’re the next Tony Hawk (is that even a relevant reference in 2019? I feel like no, but let’s go with it).

What big leap are you side-eyeing in your business? What road-yet-untaken is calling to you in your personal life? What if you gave it a try? 

What if we were brave enough to give a bold color in our lives a try and brave enough again to make a change if it doesn’t match our vibe?

So tomorrow morning, I’m going to scurry off to Home Depot for a can of gray-green paint adorably named Dragonfly. Will I hate it? Maybe. Will it be the end of the world if I do? Not even close. 

But might I discover my new favorite color? Possibly! 

Sitting in indecision isn’t getting me anywhere, so it’s time to “panic and pick” the way I do with restaurant food, and choose a color for these walls. 

After all, it’s just paint. 


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