Client Affiliate


After our copywriting project, you’ve seen firsthand the impact content intentionally written to capture your voice and mission can have on your photography business. Now, you might just have a few fellow photographer friends in mind who could benefit from it, too! 

Whether through our Three-Day Copywriting Experience or the resources in our template shop, we can’t wait to give your friends a hand! But we also want to make sure you get a little “thank you” gift for sending them our way! And through our client affiliate program (only open to our very favorite clients!), now you can!


What do you receive as an affiliate?

 As one of our affiliates, you’ll receive your very own affiliate link, giving you a 20% commission on any resources your friends purchase from our template shop. But that’s not all! We’ll even send you a 10% commission each time a friend you send our way books our Three-Day Copywriting Experience! That’s currently $360 per booking! All you have to do is remind them to let us know in their inquiry that you’re the one who sent them.

So, what do you think? Would you like to become a client affiliate with The Write Lens? Just fill out the form below to get the party started! Thanks a million for joining the crew!


Client Affiliate Registration Form

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