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Introducing Erica Comitalo, the copywriter for photographers behind The Write Lens

Hello there! I’m Erica, 
a copywriter for photographers, and basically, I’m your fairy godmother in jeans, complete with an unabashed weak spot for glitter. 

Never again will you feel that tumbly stomach swirl that comes from looking at a blogging to do list that stretches so long you know you’ll never get it all done. Never again will the prospect of a “web redesign” make you tremble in terror when considering all the new content you’ll have to write or a blank About Me page make you cry to the heavens, “WHO EVEN AM I?” Whether you use one of my templates, put some of my tried and true tips to work or just ask me to write it for you, written web content doesn’t have to be a stressor. 

You’ve got enough to worry about what with antsy Mothers of the Bride and the constant need to beg for a bite of food at a wedding reception. Let’s make your written content something that delights, and we can do it so quickly it will blow your mind!

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