What is an Uncliqued Creative…and Are You One?


I hope you’re having a successful week of booking new clients, capturing sweet memories with your camera, and editing, editing, editing! I’m so appreciative that you’ve found your way to my little crew at The Uncliqued Creative.

But speaking of the name of my business…what is an Uncliqued Creative anyway, and how did I come to name my copywriting business something so strange?

Come! Gather round my soapbox, boys and girls, and let me tell you a tale.

The way I see it, stereotyping is one of the biggest issues we deal with as humans and there is very little I dislike more than a clique.

In grade school, we were all socialized to divide people into groups based on their most predominant external trait. The kids with good grades were the nerds. The kids who wore black were the goths. The athletes, girls who were spared the horrors of acne and the guys who got tall before everyone else were the preps. And on and on it went, as we all learned to judge books by their covers and reduce the beautiful complexity of the human person into a single, easily identifiable trait from which they were never allowed to diverge.

Then we grew up…but the stereotyping didn’t end.

“Oh, she’s just a photographer. That’s such an easy job. She must not be very smart.”

“She’s a photographer? Aren’t they all just bored housewives looking for something to do?”

The stereotypes surrounding photographers are about as irritating as they are reductive. Sure, these are the real, lived stories of some, but no two photographers are exactly alike, no matter how similar they may seem on the outside. So what if she is a mom of three who picked up a camera for the first time just to preserve the memories of her little children? Wait until you hear her fascinating story and get to know her heart! Or maybe she’s a nurse who saw how fleeting life can be and turned to photography to help preserve those precious moments for future generations. Our stories are all so different and so breathtaking.

But, unfortunately, I think many photographers have started to believe the stereotypes circulating about them. It hurts my heart when a client says that they can’t have a great About Me page because “they just aren’t that interesting,” or that they can’t nail down a unique description of their style because “they are boring and just like everyone else.”

Sh! No! Bad! Stop that right now!

This is why I want to tell the stories of photographers. This is why I want to teach you how to tell your own stories. You ARE interesting. You DO hold a unique perspective inside you. You DO have an artist’s heart. I’m just here to help you turn those pieces of yourself into words.

So what is an Uncliqued Creative? It’s someone who has broken free of the box others try to stuff them into. Someone who doesn’t just laugh at the haters, but forgets they even exist. Someone who is so entirely, radiantly themselves that everything from their client experience to their final edited galleries are infused with a rich authenticity that can’t be manufactured.

This is what I want for you. This is what I hope to teach. You aren’t just a “fine art natural light photographer.” You aren’t just a “dark and moody, high contrast photographer.” You are Amanda. You are Ciara. You are Thao. You are yourself and no one else.

You are an Uncliqued Creative.







Are you an Uncliqued Creative

Erica Comitalo is a freelance writer, copywriter and writing coach for creative entrepreneurs. To find our more about her copywriting services or request a coaching session, get in touch with her today!