The 2020 Website Refresh Checklist

Pop the bubbly! Drop the balloons! Throw the confetti!

You made it to a brand new year, and with a new year comes a chance to blow the dust off your website and get it revamped for the year ahead. But with all the craziness that comes after the holidays, a much-needed website update can tumble down to To Do List Item #243, never to be completed.

And I get it. Those necessary-but-pesky updates can feel kind of overwhelming, leaving you with no clue where to begin…and, honestly, no desire to. Well, never fear! A New Year’s freebie is here! Use this checklist to guide you through a cleanup of your website so it will be squeaky clean and ready to take on 2020!

So, grab your favorite pen for marking checks, log into your website and let’s get your website ready to rock your clients’ world this year!


  • Update the area you plan to serve in the year ahead
  • Update and refresh any adverbs and adjectives you use to make sure they reflect the emotions of your ideal client
  • Incorporate some of your newest images to reflect the growth you’ve made in the past year
  • Test links to make sure they are still up to date
  • Swap out old reviews to newer reviews

About Me 

  • Update any places you list how many years of experience you have
  • Ensure that the personality of your bio still reflects the vibe of your brand
  • Update the areas you regularly serve if they have changed
  • Update your travel desires, limitations and requirements
  • Share your newest dream photography locations
  • Sprinkle a few new fun facts about yourself throughout your bio
  • Update your interests and “when I’m not working”s
  • Update any relationship changes you’ve experienced in the last year


  • Remove any blog posts that no longer reflect your brand or photography style
  • Test any links shared in posts to make sure they are still up to date
  • Reformat your headlines to match your current style


  • Remove any images that no longer reflect your photography style
  • Ensure that the images you feature accurately reflect your goals for your business
  • Add some of the best images you took last year


  • Take down any reviews with weak language or that have simply become outdated
  • Collect and add recent reviews that reflect your updated client experience


  • Add in any new features you’ve worked into your client experience since last year
  • Remove any portions of your client experience that you no longer provide
  • Update any changes you’ve made to your timeline


  • Remove any services or packages you no longer want to offer in the coming year
  • Add any new services or packages you plan to offer this year
  • Review your prices to make sure they reflect your current level of experience and services


  • Update the list of publications that have featured your work throughout the last year
  • Test each link you share to make sure the publication hasn’t changed the address
  • Add links to any recent features you are particularly proud of
  • If you have spoken at any conferences or events in the last year, add those here, too

Contact Information

  • Check every place your contact info appears to make sure it’s up to date
  • Test your social links to make sure they aren’t broken
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