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The Wedding Photographer's Ultimate Template Collection

Writing is hard. Writing for business is even harder! Even if you think you’re a pretty alright writer, this ain’t your high-school English teacher’s five-paragraph essay. This is marketing content—written content that is meant to express the uniqueness of your brand, connect deeply with an ideal client, and irresistibly motivate them to drop dollars on your services! So, it you’re going to run a business, coming equipped with written content that sells your services and keeps your clients happy is essential.  

Now, you could either:

a) Enroll in endless webinars trying to learn how to do this yourself
b) Pay a copywriter $5,000+ to write all of this for you
c) Use the Wedding Photographer’s Ultimate Template Collection to upgrade ALL of your wedding photography written content in a single day!

The choice is yours!


— your wedding photography business’s new secret weapon —

Ready to upgrade all of your essential business written content in just one hour?

What's included in the bundle?

FIVE web page templates
(includes home, about, details, blog, and contact pages)

FIVE email templates
(includes inquiry response, follow-up, onboarding, check-in, and final gallery delivery emails)

NINE blog post templates
(includes five for weddings and four for engagements)


Brand Voice and Ideal Client Discovery Workbook 

All for just $250


Can it really be as easy as copy, paste, and fill-in-the-blanks?

(psst…yes! But don’t take my word for it. Check out the video below!)


Learn more about the templates, or just grab your favorite one on its own!


Flood the five essential pages of your website with engaging, effective written content that will enchant ideal clients…and motivate them to book!


Tell the stories behind all of your wedding AND ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS through blog posts in record time using these nine unique templates!


Save countless hours of email writing as you book, onboard, and serve your clients like a pro through these five essential email templates!


“I had so many ideas and bits and pieces of information buzzing around in my head. Now, it’s woven together into a masterpiece. My brand now has clarity and heart!”



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I really just copy and paste these templates into my website, CRM, or blog?
A: Yes! After purchasing, you’ll immediately receive access to a PDF download. It’s formatted so you can just copy and paste the template wherever you need it. All you have to do is format it to fit your style and fill in the blanks!

Q: Are these full templates or just prompts?
A: They are fully written templates! Some sections are more unique to you by necessity, so you’ll have to do a bit more writing, but most of the templates are fully written with small mad-lib-style sections for you to fill in with the indicated words!

Q: If they are templates, won’t everyone who uses them end up with the same content?
A: Nope! These templates are designed to give you the least amount of writing work to do while also giving you so much space for customization that no two photographers will come away with the same content! Talk about the best of both worlds!

Q: Did you write the web content and blog posts with SEO in mind?
A: You’d better believe I did! There are indicators throughout the templates prompting you to use SEO keywording that we know works! So, if you’re trying to break into a new market or improve your Google ranking within your current market, these templates will help you do exactly that with ease!


Oh, hey! I'm Erica—the mind behind the clacking computer keys at The Write Lens!

Five years ago, I left a reliable, dependable, boring-as-freaking-heck job as a communications director to launch a business of my own. I was tired of smiling and nodding while people who didn’t have the first idea what marketing psychology even was tried to micromanage my writing. I was tired of watching bad decision after bad decision get approved just because “well, this is way it’s always been done.” I wanted to work with people who were bold, brave risk-takers and leave the safe, bland, inside-the-box thinkers in the dust! So, that’s what I did.

Armed with a knack for blending personality and time-tested strategy to create sensational written content, I decided to bring what I knew to people who could truly benefit—solopreneurs. Specifically, photographers like you!

Since 2017, I’ve empowered hundreds of photographers across the globe to embrace their voices in a way that feels genuine while also booking clients!

Through written content that is engaging, professional, and refined, we can  totally transform your business and better serve the clients you love. And best of all, with my help, you can get it all done in record time! When I’m not writing, I’m probably reading a YA novel, roller blading with my husband, trying to figure out how the heck to keep ferns alive through the winter, or watching Ghost Adventures with our cats, Leo and Cadet Grey. Can’t wait to meet you!


You don't have time to waste!

Your business and your clients deserve so much more than the halfhearted, thrown-together written content you created in a rush just to get started. It’s time for something truly unique, professional…and less flooded with typos. It’s time for written content announcing to the world that you’re more than a chick with a camera—you’re a professional. Let’s totally revolutionize how you communicate in your business today!