I'm Erica, the copywriter for photographers, and I use brand voice to help you book!

In 2017, I was a communications director and magazine editor-in-chief, and, girl, I was Les Miserables! Thank goodness for an awesome boss who had taken a chance on an untested yet tenacious 25-year-old, but I then spent nearly two years trying to convince everyone else in a stuffy, three-story office building that radical authenticity mattered. That transparency and sincerity were more valuable than centuries’-worth of “how it’s always been done”s. And when I was half a millimeter from burnout, my parents and husband-to-be gave me the encouragement I needed to send my first and last two weeks’ notice.

Maybe it’s my personal optimistic brand of enneagram 8, but even now, I’m grateful for those rigid coworkers and their terror of innovation because they taught me something truly life-changing. They taught me how much unique voices really, really matter.

While a bland voice drifts in one ear and out the other, affecting no change, connecting to no one and making no difference, an intentional voice directed toward a purpose can draw people in or send them running. It can encourage, delight, educate, repel, and inspire. It can do so many incredible things, but only when it’s fostered and free.

Erica Comitalo is a copywriter for photographers

Turning consultation calls into confirmation calls since 2017.

Within the month, I launched a business as a freelance magazine writer (catch some of my favorite bylines in Foundr Magazine), and launched the ultimate brainstorm to find a way to use my talents in writing to empower others to foster voices of their own. When a best friend recommended I take on outsourced blogs from photographers, a fleet of lightbulbs blazed to life. And in typical “me” fashion, before she’d even finished trying to convince me, I already had 15 long-term ideas and a website half finished!

For more than five years, I’ve dedicated myself to blending my passion for sincerity, my talent for writing, and my joy at listening to passionate people talk about the things they love into a successful marketing brand. By blending the journalism and marketing techniques I studied with my natural sensitivity to others’ emotions, I found I had an ability to unearth brand voices and “become” the clients I wrote for. I could write content that felt like my clients had written it themselves!

Today, as a copywriter for photographers, I help talented creatives like you elevate their businesses through written content that is immersive, engaging, and packed with personality! When I’m not writing, I’m probably snuggled up with Baby Colin at our home in Atlanta reading a mystery novel (if he doesn’t snatch it out of my hand first to play with the pages), roller blading with my husband, or watching Ghost Adventures with our cats, Leo and Cadet Grey.  

what people are saying

“Erica somehow turned my type 7, ADD, ADHD, spontaneous, spunky personality into a brand voice. I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel professional. Most of all, I feel like myself. I used to believe I had to act and talk a certain way to reach my dream client, but she showed me that it is not true! I have never felt so heard.”


Sam Marin the copyeditor


That’s not because we wrote a magic spell into the copy. It’s because engaging marketing and effective UX design is really all just great writing in disguise. It’s all just right words in right places. 

Don’t believe me? Pay extra attention to all the words you encounter for a day—from billboards to podcast ads. Some make an impression and others are forgotten in a blink. Selling is about words, and as a business owner, you need to sell! You can’t afford not to! That’s why I’m thrilled to bring my expertise to empowering photographers like you take their businesses to the next level through stellar writing.

When I’m not helping photographers turn their written content into something truly unique and unforgettable, I’m probably at my day job building a great UX and communications strategy for complicated tech products, heading outside for a long run, or climbing a mountain to ski.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to ditch your horribly high bounce rate and work with me to revamp your photography business’s UX, from inquiry to delivery? I’d love to meet you!


Let me introduce you to my right-hand woman. Take it away, Sam!

Since I stepped into this role in 2020, I’ve heard this false statement way too many times: “People don’t read, they just look at the pictures because people only care that my photos look good.”

Hold it right there, OK? Because whether you know it yet or not, you’ve probably lost clients over the wrong words on your website. Words definitely matter.

With a background in marketing and UX design, I know what it’s like to be the one wonky writer fighting for the words in the room. But I also know how quickly (even if reluctantly) that one writer becomes a writing team. In a blink, we’re dedicating an unbelievable amount of time, money, and womanpower to finding just the right words! And can you guess what happens next? The marketing starts inspiring sales and the user experience brings customers joy!

Sam the copyeditor hiking in Utah

what are we all about?

Our Brand Values

01. Bold INDIVIDUALITY is the best way to beat burnout.

02. HONESTY and radical 
transparency are ESSENTIAL to great business.

03. The best ideas are born through ENGAGED collaboration.

04. The OPPOSITES that exist within yourself and your business don’t need to be resolved—they need to be CELEBRATED.

05. Everyone has a POWERFUL STORY to tell…yes, even you!

“Erica understands me and my brand better than I even understood it! I have such a hard time explaining myself and getting the correct words out and Erica did just that for me!”