I'm Erica, the copywriter for photographers, and I use brand voice to help you book!

I’m a copywriter for photographers, and basically, I’m your fairy godmother in jeans, complete with a shameless weak spot for glitter. 

Never again will you feel that tumbly stomach swirl that comes from looking at a “website coming soon” landing page or written content so old it doesn’t even apply anymore. Never again will the prospect of a “web redesign” make you tremble in terror when considering all the new content you’ll have to write or a blank about me page make you cry to the heavens, “WHO EVEN AM I?” Through my signature, two-day done-for-you experience, written web content doesn’t have to be a stressor. 

You’ve got enough to worry about what with antsy Mothers of the Bride, squirmy family-sesson toddlers, or any of the other stressors that come from running a business. Let’s make your written content something that delights, and we can do it so quickly it will blow your mind! Just say the word!

Erica Comitalo is a copywriter for photographers

Turning consultation calls into confirmation calls since 2017.

While working as a communications director, I realized my voice was everything. It could draw people to me and send them running for the hills. It could encourage, delight, educate, and repel. It could do so many incredible things, and when I was free to use it with strategy, emotion, and intention, magic happened.

Only…I wasn’t really free to do those things. At my old job, my voice was micromanaged until it was absolutely unrecognizable. And y’all. I was miserable. It’s probably the enneagram 8 in me!

I learned how much my voice mattered, and when I sprinted out the doors of that job to launch my own business, I knew I wanted to help empower others to raise their voices in a way that felt genuine and effective. So, I dedicated myself to learning how. By blending my journalism skills with my natural sensitivity to others’ emotions, I found I had a talent for unearthing brand voices and “becoming” the clients I wrote for. I could write content that felt like my clients had written it themselves!

Today, as a copywriter for photographers, I help photographers like you elevate their businesses through written content that is immersive, engaging, and packed with personality! When I’m not writing, I’m probably reading a YA novel, roller blading with my husband, or watching Ghost Adventures with our cats, Leo and Cadet Grey. 

what people are saying

“Erica somehow turned my type 7, ADD, ADHD, spontaneous, spunky personality into a brand voice. I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel professional. Most of all, I feel like myself. I used to believe I had to act and talk a certain way to reach my dream client, but she showed me that it is not true! I have never felt so heard”


Sam Marin the copyeditor

Meet Sam—copyeditor, associate writer, and Pinterest queen

Hey guys! I’m Samantha and I’m the copyeditor and social media assistant for The Write Lens! I’m the one who swoops in after Erica has written your stellar content (because, believe it or not, it’s not perfect after round one) and cleans everything up. I’m also the sole handler of and designer for the constantly-growing Pinterest page, so head over there to see what I’ve been up to!

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, right in the shadow of the incredible Wasatch Mountains. I grew up in the much smaller mountains of Virginia and had the amazing experience of going to college in New York City.

When I’m not working, I love writing fiction. I write Young Adult novels and it’s my biggest goal to become an author! I also love reading all kinds of fiction, not just YA. In all seasons, you can often find me exploring the wilderness—whether it’s backpacking, hiking, trail running, skiing, or rock climbing (Eek! A new one for me!). I’m always down to do something outdoors and love spending weekends out of cell service.

A few of Sam's favorite things...

Sam the copyeditor hiking in Utah
“Erica understands me and my brand better than I even understood it! I have such a hard time explaining myself and getting the correct words out and Erica did just that for me!”


i firmly believe with all my soul that

You Are More Than A Boss Babe

“Oh, she’s just a photographer. That’s such an easy job. She must not be very smart.”

“She’s a photographer? Aren’t they all just bored housewives looking for something to do?”

The stereotypes surrounding photographers are about as irritating as they are reductive. No two photographers are exactly alike, no matter how similar they may seem on the outside. So what if she is a mom of three who picked up a camera for the first time just to preserve the memories of her little children? Wait until you hear her fascinating story and get to know her heart! Or maybe she’s a nurse who saw how fleeting life can be and turned to photography to help preserve those precious moments for future generations. Our stories are all so different and so breathtaking.

But, unfortunately, I think many photographers have started to believe the stereotypes circulating about them. It hurts my heart when a client says that they can’t have a great About Me page because “they just aren’t that interesting,” or that they can’t nail down a unique description of their style because they are “boring and just like everyone else.”

 Sh! No! Bad! Stop that right now!

This is why I want to tell the stories of photographers. This is why I want to teach you how to tell your own stories. You ARE interesting. You DO hold a unique perspective inside you. You DO have an artist’s heart. And as a copywriter for photographers, I’m just here to help you turn those pieces of yourself into words.

To help you break free of the box others try to stuff you into. To not only laugh at the haters, but forget they even exist. 

To be so entirely, radiantly yourself that everything from your client experience to your final edited galleries are infused with a rich authenticity that can’t be manufactured.

This is what I want for you. This is what I hope to teach. You aren’t just a “fine art natural light photographer.” You aren’t just a “dark and moody, high contrast photographer.” You aren’t just a “boss babe.” You are Amanda. You are Ciara. You are Thao. You are yourself and no one else.

So let’s pop the hood on your copy and get started creating written web content that truly reflects the heart behind your camera and shares the “why” behind your work.

I believe in the power of authenticity, confidence, and the adoration you have for your clients. Let's use these things to create written web content that gets you booked!​