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With over a 150 photographers served since 2017, I’m kind of a pro at helping photographers connect with dream clients. The secret: a sincere, sustainable, sensational brand voice! From bubbly and BFF-y to lyrical and lingering, finding the right tone of a website is all about finding the intersection between a photographer’s natural personality and their ideal client. 

Want to imagine how a website rewrite of your own might come together? Explore a few of my favorites featured below to see how we really can write that many websites and still sound unique! And don’t forget: tone and voice are very personal to each photographer, so even if you don’t see anything like yours reflected, we can still bring it to life! Enjoy!


Idalia Photography

Alex’s client experience is truly unlike any other I’d ever heard of—and after writing for nearly 200 photographers, that means something! From her unique gallery delivery method to the fact she can book $10,000 weddings without even a consultation call, her copy required a refined approach. So, the choice to position her as a trustworthy sage ready to guide clients through the hectic experience of wedding photography was a no brainer. And from the fact she is now struggling to book associate project because everyone falls in love with her just after reading her website, I feel we’ve done our job here!


More than 300 times since 2011, I’ve stepped into my trusty flats, slung my camera bag over my shoulder, and zipped off to a fairytale venue full of sweeping staircases and radiant light. I’ve navigated tricky timelines, calmed fraying nerves, and wiped away more than my fair share of happy tears. Talk about a charmed life! As a tristate wedding photographer, I help elegant couples like you find calm during the chaos of planning and then preserve their celebrations with care. By blending the magic of light and airy photography with the sincerity of true-to-life editing, I can bring a graceful glow to my images without washing out skin tones or the lace details on your gown. This gives my galleries a timeless elegance guaranteed to stand the test of time. Why do I do it all? Step right this way to learn more!


“Having owned my photography business over ten years, I’ve worked with several copywriters during my career, but working with Erica has been truly different from all my past experiences with a copywriter. Erica knew exactly the right questions to ask to understand my brand, brand voice, writing style, and all the information I wanted to get across in my website copy. I was blown away by the first draft of the webpage and now I’m amazed at how well the final copy turned out. I can’t wait to get all the new copy onto my website!”


Jessica Billings Photography

From her art to her remarkable client experience, Jessica delivers something truly one-of-a-kind to her clients, giving me a world of inspiration when it came to writing her content. Her enthusiasm and passion for adventure are contagious. And just wait until you hear about the thing that inspired her to take the leap and launch her photography business, taking it full-time in the middle of a pandemic! Helping Jessica define her ideal client, refine her brand voice, and tell her story through a massive, 10,000-word project was such a joy.


From the moment you book to the moment you happy-cry your way through your final gallery, my hope is to be so much more than just your photographer. I’ll help you plan the day, make decisions, and hype you up before you head down the aisle. I believe that your big day should be all about you, that authenticity is the most beautiful accessory, and that love is love. I want to help you have the easy-breezy elopement experience you always dreamed of and deliver photos that you never could have imagined. I want to listen to you, support you, and help you celebrate your wedding day in a way that will leave you with absolutely no regrets.

So, let’s imagine with boldness and ingenuity! Let’s do something no one’s ever done! Let’s tell your love story in a way that is unrepeatable, irreplaceable, and just drop-dead gorgeous! And if you’re still feeling a little bit nervous about taking the leap, boy…have I ever got the story for you.


Before hiring Erica, I felt lost and defeated every time I pulled open a blank page on my website and tried to convey who I was, what I offer, and what makes working with me special…Through her absolute magic with writing, she crafted content for me that sounds more true than anything I’ve heard before. I honestly think I even better understood my brand, business, and myself after working with her!”


Anne Blodgett Photography

When the queen of Instagram reels and hats calls, you answer! Especially when she presents a rebrand project that even has her a bit stumped! I love helping photographers crystallize the ideas that even articulate fully, bringing all of their concepts, feelings, and hopes together into a brand that feels equal part unique and sincere. That’s exactly what we did for Anne as she made her official switch from wedding photographer to boudoir photographer and influencer! 


We’ve been told all kinds of stories. From our teenaged memories of being reprimanded for how we presented our bodies—“that skirt needs to be longer than your fingertips”—to existing as a woman in the world with, ya know,  boobs, we spend our lives as objects of conversation. As something to be observed and shaped, fixed and judged. People have told us stories about who we are and who we should be for our entire lives, and that can wound… DEEPLY. But what if there was a place to let it all go? To heal? To reclaim? To rise.

Welcome to a space devoted to the women who are ready to take their power back over their bodies and honor their femininity in all its unique forms. You’ve been on one heck of a journey, and you’re strong as hell. That’s something worth celebrating! So, let’s do it!


“Working with Erica saved me days and countless hours of stressing over and writing my own website copy. She asked the right questions, listened to my story, and was able to put my thoughts to words in a very powerful and authentic way…probably even better than I could have done myself—and I’m a trained writer! The Write Lens experience is worth the investment if you’re ready to take your website to the next level.

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Erin Lee Photography

Want to feel freaking elderly? Nothing hammers that point home more than realizing it takes some serious effort to write in a tone that would appeal to teens! But it was so much fun to help Erin connect with the soon-to-be-seniors searching for a way to preserve this special time in their lives. It was also important to her that we emphasize her ability to bring confidence and fun into her unique take on the senior photo session. And with her playful site redesign, I’m sure it’s something that will catch the eyes and hearts of her clients-to-be!


After years of group projects, essays, and enough multiple choice tests to last a lifetime, you’ve finally made it! Senior year is here, and it’s time to commemorate it through a personality-packed senior session. But before you start tumbling down the rabbit hole of photography misconceptions, let’s get something straight. Here, you won’t find any of that awkward, smile-and-say-cheese photography you dread. And these definitely aren’t the airbrushed-beyond-all-recognition glamor shots from the 80s (no offense, Mom!). Best of all, I promise you don’t have to be a natural-born model to have senior pictures you love.

Instead of dressing you up in an outfit you’d never wear and posing you in a way you’d never choose, I let you lead the way. Bring on your favorite pair of jeans and your worn-in Vans! Stuff a bag full of your go-to rompers, sundresses, or t-shirts if you want to, and let’s tell your story. You can even invite your bestie along for the fun!


“Before hiring Erica, I spent so much time and money on resources trying to write about my brand, and I would always get stuck. Erica was kind, encouraging, and probably psychic with how she was able to turn my jumbled thoughts and ideas into the perfect written expression of my brand. I never could have done this myself and would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

lovestruck wedding photography/videography team

Dawson Renaud Photo & Film

Dawson and Josie wanted to have web content that showcased the way they invite clients into their lives as strangers and before long, become trusted friends. As they’re growing their business, they wanted to appeal to high-end brides while still spicing things up with their fun-loving, laid-back personalities, too. Finally, these partners in both life and business hoped to infuse their own love story into their written content to build a bridge and commonality with the clients they love.


I didn’t buy my first camera to capture nights out with friends, major life events, or even because I thought this could be a career someday. It was much simpler than all that. All I wanted was to capture the way the sun lit the sky up when my fiancée (and videographer—you’ll meet her in a minute!) and I walked around at sunrise. It was the best feeling in the world, and I never wanted to forget what those moments felt like—when the rest of the world was quiet, and I had my best friend beside me. So, there I was, this camera-carrying boyfriend with his eyes on the sky.

One day, an admissions counselor noticed I had more heart for photography and videography than the average student with med school on the mind, and she decided to take the biggest shot on me. She asked if I’d ever filmed a wedding before (I hadn’t), because she wanted me to film hers. I started to prepare for my first wedding. Thank goodness for Youtube because there are at least a dozen photographers who will never know how much they helped a college sophomore totally nail his first wedding gig. After that, I was hooked.


Erica was attentive, creative, and always paid attention to the needs of my business while we had our discussions over my copy. Being in the wedding industry, copy that differentiates you from your competitors is so important! Erica wrote copy that was incredibly on-brand for me and my business, and I cannot wait for the leads that it will start generating!”



Mindy Larson Photography

With a timeless style and a focus on things that endure, Mindy wanted written content that spoke to the ever-changing nature of life with a hint of nostalgia to remind potential clients why family photos matter. I loved getting lost in the world of a mom watching her child grow in the blink of an eye and imagining what words would speak to her heart. I think every piece of the content we created for her site captured Mindy’s sweet vision in a beautiful, magical way.


Those tiny baby toes you love to kiss will transform into wild, adventurous feet that climb trees and chase butterflies. In ten, they’ll be kicking the winning goal at a soccer game. In fifteen, they’ll be busting a move at a high school dance. In twenty, they’ll be striding confidently into a college organic chemistry class. And in twenty five, they’ll be walking down the aisle to say “I do.”

Time flies by and, though I wish I could with all my heart, I can’t stop the change it brings. But I can preserve the moments that matter. I can capture the tiny details before they vanish, and I can give you the gift of a home filled with the smiling faces you most adore.

So, in thirty years, when you are kissing a new generation of baby toes, you’ll know that the stitch entrusted to you in your family’s uniquely beautiful tapestry will never be forgotten. You’ll know that the story will live on.


After struggling for months to refresh my copy, I contacted Erica and she absolutely saved me! She effortlessly guided me through the process and ensured all my goals were achieved. Her work truly exceeded my expectations, I couldn’t be happier!”


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Jontell Vanessa Photography

As a writer who helps business owners make a splash, I have a special affinity for brand photographers—particularly brand photographers who focus on highlighting vibrant personalities. I had a blast helping Jontell blend fun and professionalism in content as captivating as the photography she features! By emphasizing ease of experience and her uniquely confidence-boosting portrait sessions, we were able to promote Jontell’s brand to the specific overwhelemed-yet-intentional business owners who would love it most!


“Imagine trying to learn the quirks of camera settings and the psychology of marketing between checking to-dos off your mile-long list and, oh you know, living a full life. How? When? With what time?

As a fellow small business owner, I’ve experienced that overwhelming, million-direction tug on the journey toward a thriving business. But just because we are each the stars of our own one-woman shows doesn’t mean we have to do everything by ourselves.

You don’t have to become America’s Next Top Brand Photographer to have the marketing imagery of your dreams. And you don’t have to invest months into research or break the bank to get it either! Through my signature brand photography experience intentionally curated for local Richmond small business owners like you, you’ll receive a gallery that elevates your brand by connecting you with customers you love.”


“Erica has a unique and strategic way of helping you find the right words to connect with the clients that you dream about serving. As a photographer, writing isn’t my strong suit or my favorite thing to do. Erica had a remarkable way of taking all the things I wanted to convey to my clients and packaging them in a way that felt on-brand and true to my personality. Working with Erica was an investment in my business that is going to pay off in so many ways!”


Casi Yost Photography

When I first spoke with Casi, she expressed a desire to say a lot with very little. Her approach to photography is full of texture and depth and remarkably in the moment, so we leaned into the idea that her work was for clients who want to dive right in deep. Clients who wanted to skip the small talk. So we cut the beginnings and endings off every segment of her contact, getting right to the heart of every idea as swiftly as possible. And the result is a powerfully immersive website that truly captures her unique take on the wedding photography industry. It feels like a work of art!


Inspired by film grain, period pieces, and modern fashion, I strive to create art that exists outside of time while also being immediate and immersive. And by soaking in the oddities and eccentricities of Portland, my photography developed a fun edge all its own!

Today, I employ a documentary-meets-editorial style to flood galleries with honest connections and genuine emotion. I love that, through the clicks of my camera, I can show others the world as I see it. And most importantly, I can show couples how jaw-dropping they – and each of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that make up their wedding day – look through my eyes.


“Erica was fantastic. So completely thorough and her branding consultation helped me clarify so much in my business in general. I appreciate that she worked with me to really articulate my tone as well as pin-point the true message I wanted to convey. I am definitely a “less is more” and “to the point” person, so I appreciate that she was able to convey that! Definitely will recommend her to everyone.”