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With over a hundred clients served, I’ve helped countless potential clients discover the photographers of their dreams. The secret: a sincere, sustainable, sensational brand voice! From bubbly and BFF-y to lyrical and lingering, finding the right tone of a website is all about finding the intersection between a photographer’s natural personality and their ideal client. 

Ready to imagine how a website rewrite of your own might come together? Explore a few of my favorites featured below. But don’t forget! Tone and voice are very personal to each photographer, so even if you don’t see anything like yours reflected, we can still bring it to life! Enjoy!



Jessica Billings Photography

From her art to her remarkable client experience, Jessica delivers something truly one-of-a-kind to her clients, giving me a world of inspiration when it came to writing her content. Her enthusiasm and passion for adventure are contagious. And just wait until you hear about the thing that inspired her to take the leap and launch her photography business, taking it full-time in the middle of a pandemic! Helping Jessica define her ideal client, refine her brand voice, and tell her story through a massive, 10,000-word project was such a joy.


From the moment you book to the moment you happy-cry your way through your final gallery, my hope is to be so much more than just your photographer. I’ll help you plan the day, make decisions, and hype you up before you head down the aisle. I believe that your big day should be all about you, that authenticity is the most beautiful accessory, and that love is love. I want to help you have the easy-breezy elopement experience you always dreamed of and deliver photos that you never could have imagined. I want to listen to you, support you, and help you celebrate your wedding day in a way that will leave you with absolutely no regrets.

So, let’s imagine with boldness and ingenuity! Let’s do something no one’s ever done! Let’s tell your love story in a way that is unrepeatable, irreplaceable, and just drop-dead gorgeous! And if you’re still feeling a little bit nervous about taking the leap, boy…have I ever got the story for you.


Before hiring Erica, I felt lost and defeated every time I pulled open a blank page on my website and tried to convey who I was, what I offer, and what makes working with me special…Through her absolute magic with writing, she crafted content for me that sounds more true than anything I’ve heard before. I honestly think I even better understood my brand, business, and myself after working with her!”


Ashley Loyer Films

When Ashley told me she wanted to see a romantic, narrative approach used in the written content of her website, I was thrilled! What can I say? Any chance to stretch my creative muscles with some vibrant storytelling is a chance I’ll happily take. That tone couldn’t have been more beautifully suited to frame the incredible videography she shares with her clients. From the way she sets a scene to her approach to documenting emotion, it’s so easy to get swept away by her work. Seriously, if you have time, go watch some of her films! I promise, they’ll take your breath away.


Golden afternoon sunlight glitters through oak branches dripping with Spanish moss. A breathless crowd watches as a groom pulls his vows from his coat pocket. He brushes a tear from his cheek as he begins to read the words he’s been holding in his heart for years. The words he wants his bride to hear before he repeats the two most important words he’ll ever say: “I do.”

It takes him only a minute to read his vows, but it’s a minute you’ll want to relive over and over again for the rest of your life. And through the magic of wedding videography, you can. Together, let’s turn the day your new life as husband and wife began into an heirloom generations of your family will treasure.


“Hiring Erica is one of the best things I have ever done for my business. When the copy she wrote for me showed up in my inbox, I was in tears. She is an incredible listener who completely understood what it is that I would like to convey to the world with my business, and I already cannot wait to bring her on for more projects. Stop debating yourself…JUST HIRE HER!”

bringing depth to a fun, bubbly brand voice

Perry Ann Photography

A common speed bump I run into when writing for photographers is a desire to keep the exact same energy throughout a website. What if we took potential clients on an emotionally satisfying journey, instead? Just because you want to sound elegant doesn’t mean you can’t crack a joke. Just because you want to be more relatable doesn’t mean you can’t crank up the professionalism now and then. And just because the “why” behind your work is a sad one doesn’t mean you have to avoid sharing it to keep the tone light. Complexity is human, and if Perry Ann’s content is anything at all, it’s beautifully, truthfully human.


The spin of a disposable camera wheel was the soundtrack of my childhood. Well, that and Taylor Swift…who actually inspired me to get my first digital camera when she did a commercial for the Sony TX7 Cybershot! But even though Taylor Swift’s hilariously awkward camera clicking inspired teenage me to invest in a camera, my passion for moments-turned-mementos runs far deeper.

When I was very young, my mom passed away. And just two years later – on Mother’s Day of all days – my grandparent’s house, my home, burned to the ground. Before I learned basic addition, I learned what it felt like to lose, to miss, to grieve. When I saved a tile from our home just because my mother had once walked on it – a tile I still have to this day – I grasped in my own childlike way why keepsakes matter. Although life is fragile and moments are fleeting, we can catch onto them by creating heirlooms. And when I found a photo of my mom in her wedding dress, a fire inside me started to burn. I knew I needed to turn blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments into something that lasts. And I knew I could do that through photography.


“I used to think I had to act and talk a certain way to reach my dream client, but Erica showed me that is not true! The fact that she created all of these amazing things in 2 days is astounding to me! It’s like she hyper-focused on ME and my brand. I have never felt so heard.”

infusing senior photography with CONFIDENCE AND PLAYFULNESS

Erin Lee Photography

Want to feel freaking elderly? Nothing hammers that point home more than realizing it takes some serious effort to write in a tone that would appeal to teens! But it was so much fun to help Erin connect with the soon-to-be-seniors searching for a way to preserve this special time in their lives. It was also important to her that we emphasize her ability to bring confidence and fun into her unique take on the senior photo session. And with her playful site redesign, I’m sure it’s something that will catch the eyes and hearts of her clients-to-be!


After years of group projects, essays, and enough multiple choice tests to last a lifetime, you’ve finally made it! Senior year is here, and it’s time to commemorate it through a personality-packed senior session. But before you start tumbling down the rabbit hole of photography misconceptions, let’s get something straight. Here, you won’t find any of that awkward, smile-and-say-cheese photography you dread. And these definitely aren’t the airbrushed-beyond-all-recognition glamor shots from the 80s (no offense, Mom!). Best of all, I promise you don’t have to be a natural-born model to have senior pictures you love.

Instead of dressing you up in an outfit you’d never wear and posing you in a way you’d never choose, I let you lead the way. Bring on your favorite pair of jeans and your worn-in Vans! Stuff a bag full of your go-to rompers, sundresses, or t-shirts if you want to, and let’s tell your story. You can even invite your bestie along for the fun!


“Before hiring Erica, I spent so much time and money on resources trying to write about my brand, and I would always get stuck. Erica was kind, encouraging, and probably psychic with how she was able to turn my jumbled thoughts and ideas into the perfect written expression of my brand. I never could have done this myself and would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

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capturing the fleeting sweetness of childhood and parenthood

Mindy Larson Photography

With a timeless style and a focus on things that endure, Mindy wanted written content that spoke to the ever-changing nature of life with a hint of nostalgia to remind potential clients why family photos matter. I loved getting lost in the world of a mom watching her child grow in the blink of an eye and imagining what words would speak to her heart. I think every piece of the content we created for her site captured Mindy’s sweet vision in a beautiful, magical way.


Those tiny baby toes you love to kiss will transform into wild, adventurous feet that climb trees and chase butterflies. In ten, they’ll be kicking the winning goal at a soccer game. In fifteen, they’ll be busting a move at a high school dance. In twenty, they’ll be striding confidently into a college organic chemistry class. And in twenty five, they’ll be walking down the aisle to say “I do.”

Time flies by and, though I wish I could with all my heart, I can’t stop the change it brings. But I can preserve the moments that matter. I can capture the tiny details before they vanish, and I can give you the gift of a home filled with the smiling faces you most adore.

So, in thirty years, when you are kissing a new generation of baby toes, you’ll know that the stitch entrusted to you in your family’s uniquely beautiful tapestry will never be forgotten. You’ll know that the story will live on.


After struggling for months to refresh my copy, I contacted Erica and she absolutely saved me! She effortlessly guided me through the process and ensured all my goals were achieved. Her work truly exceeded my expectations, I couldn’t be happier!”

skipping the small talk to speak WITH MINIMALISM AND EDGE

Casi Yost Photography

When I first spoke with Casi, she expressed a desire to say a lot with very little. Her approach to photography is full of texture and depth and remarkably in the moment, so we leaned into the idea that her work was for clients who want to dive right in deep. Clients who wanted to skip the small talk. So we cut the beginnings and endings off every segment of her contact, getting right to the heart of every idea as swiftly as possible. And the result is a powerfully immersive website that truly captures her unique take on the wedding photography industry. It feels like a work of art!


Inspired by film grain, period pieces, and modern fashion, I strive to create art that exists outside of time while also being immediate and immersive. And by soaking in the oddities and eccentricities of Portland, my photography developed a fun edge all its own!

Today, I employ a documentary-meets-editorial style to flood galleries with honest connections and genuine emotion. I love that, through the clicks of my camera, I can show others the world as I see it. And most importantly, I can show couples how jaw-dropping they – and each of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that make up their wedding day – look through my eyes.


“Erica was fantastic. So completely thorough and her branding consultation helped me clarify so much in my business in general. I appreciate that she worked with me to really articulate my tone as well as pin-point the true message I wanted to convey. I am definitely a “less is more” and “to the point” person, so I appreciate that she was able to convey that! Definitely will recommend her to everyone.”