Photo of Erica Comitalo Copywriting for Photographers at The Write Lens

Copywriting for photographers who believe in the power of honesty and originality to book dream clients.

Copywriting for photographers who believe in embracing the power of honesty and originality to book dream clients.

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Introducing Erica Comitalo, the copywriter for photographers behind The Write Lens

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You should never have to feel like "just another photographer."

Trapped between ghosty clients and an oversaturated market, it’s no surprise you sometimes start to feel like just another photographer in the crowd. I get it. As an online-business owner, I know what it’s like to feel like you have to shout to be heard or like you have to change who you are to attract your dream clients. It’s freaking exhausting! But what if there was a way you could stop shouting and feel empowered to just show up authentically as yourself? And what if doing that helped you to finally book ideal clients and grow the thriving photography business of your dreams?

Welcome, busy photographer! I’m Erica—the storyteller’s storyteller. And through branded web copy, I bring creatives like you the clarity, competence, and conviction their businesses deserve.

Let’s fill your website with words that will build your business. But not just any words! Oh no, no! Anyone can do that! I want to equip you with words that feel as familiar as slipping into your favorite pair of sweatpants and as effective as your go-to trick for helping a client feel like a model in front of your camera. Words only for you. Let’s infuse your website with a voice that books while remaining powerfully true to who you are.


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“Every person I sent the copy to said they could 100% hear my voice speaking the words to them as they read them! Erica helped me understand that traits I saw as ‘weaknesses’ are actually the secret sauce that my clients love most about me. She found a way to tell my story better than I ever could!”


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Our photographers are driven, collaborative, intentional, visionary risk-takers ready to fearlessly plant their flags in an oversaturated industry to radically serve their unique clients with sincerity and heart.


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You really can have written content that sounds like YOU without lifting a finger! Through my signature experience we’ll refine your ideal client, unleash your brand voice, and flood your website with web copy that captivates clients, showcases your value, and grows your business. All you have to do is say the word!