Introducing Erica of The Write Lens, copywriter for photographers.

Helping photographers attract their dream clients one word at a time

I craft captivating copywriting for photographers around the globe. Ready to spark a connection with your ideal clients through authentic written content so you can spend more time confidently doing what you love? 

Helping photographers attract
dream clients one word at a time

I craft captivating copywriting for photographers around the globe. Ready to
spark a connection with your ideal
 clients through authentic written content so
you can 
spend more time confidently doing what you love?

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Introducing Erica Comitalo, the copywriter for photographers behind The Write Lens

the writer

I have a heart for photographers like you because I've been there.

Exhausted by the demands of solopreneurship? Itching to spend more time with your camera and your clients? Overwhelmed by all the great big ideas you want to turn into reality?

I get it. I’ve lived it. I can help you.

Greetings from the brains behind the clacking computer keys! I’m Erica, an introverted-extrovert, a sympathy crier who also loves to box, a person who reads comic books while wearing floral dresses…and plants flowers in Wonder Woman t-shirts. I’m a crazy collection of opposites, and as a copywriter for photographers like you, I’m beyond excited to turn your astonishing personality into words that will build your business.

I firmly believe that you don’t have to change your vibe to attract your dream clients. So whether your tone is moody and edgy, sophisticated and romantic or down-to-earth and BFF-y, I will infuse your website with a voice that sells while remaining powerfully true to who you are. 

did you know?

photographers and counting have transformed their written content by viewing it through The Write Lens.


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what people are saying

“When my brain is fried and I can’t come up with anything, 
or my ideas are a jumbled mess, Erica somehow makes sense
of it all and writes it in such a beautiful way.”

Heather Johnson

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