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photography website mistakes you might be making written by The Write Lens

11 Massive Photography Website Mistakes You Might Be Making

We’ve talked tips, but we rarely document the cringes, the oh-dears, and the shocked expressions we have when we visit certain photography websites. And, from one friend to another, we do not want you to fall into these traps! From disregarding CTA’s entirely to not including a single word on your homepage, here are some of the top photography website mistakes we routinely see out in the wild.

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How to market your photography business in the everyone's a photographer era blog post thumbnail

How To Market Your Photography Business in the “Everyone’s A Photographer” Era

How do you articulate the value you bring when marketing to people who aren’t fully on board with shelling out a few thousand dollars to hire a wedding photographer? How the heck do you market your wedding photography business like a pro? The answer is simple: you show that you do so much more than click a button! Most wedding planning couples just don’t understand that. Instead of getting frustrated by that gnawing fact, however, let’s educate them!

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clean up your website with copywriting for photographers and The Write Lens

8 Fast Ways to Clean Up Your Photography Website Until It Shines With Professionalism

As a creative, your website is your storefront. And there’s simply no excuse not to clean things up. This type of clean-up just looks a little different than getting a broom out. But the great news is that it’s actually easier with no physical labor required! Here are eight little messes with a huge impact you need to clean up on your site before directing clients to it. These quick changes will help you run a squeaky-clean photography website that screams “experienced professional!”

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Calls to action for photographers blog post

Calls To Action: How Photographers Can Expertly Use Them To Book

Your work is incredible and your client experience is mind blowing, but for some reason you’re struggling to book. Here’s the thing, though: the lack of inquiries might not be about your work or your content. It might actually be about something far smaller, yet extremely important. It might be about the missing calls to action! Let’s fix all that.

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photography blog posts thumbnail

6 Photography Blog Posts You Can Write in Under 30 Minutes

So you want to show up on Google. You wish your photography blog posts got some traction. And you want to get clients to book once they actually click on your page. But your schedule is already overfilled, and your brain is stretched to its limit.

Story of a photographer’s life, right?

Well, lucky for you, there’s a solution! Blogging doesn’t have to take hours to be effective. You can write these six blog posts in under a half-hour to help your clients get to know you better without breaking the timebank.

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email templates for photographers

5 Game-Changing Email Templates Every Photographer Should Be Using Right Now

Think about all the points of contact you have (or wish you could have) with a client. From responding to their inquiry to finalizing their booking, from sending session tips to delivering their gallery, you are constantly sending emails to clients! And the emails you send are just as important to your client experience as the content of your website or the way you direct them on shoot day!

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