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2022 Photography Year In Review Thumbnail

2022 Year In Review: Five Photography Industry Updates, Changes, and Trends on the Rise

Whether a recession comes or not, whether a resurgence of a global pandemic comes or not, we want you to be ready for anything! To do that, you’ve got to be prepared. You’ve got to stay on top of the industry and aware of what’s movin’ and shakin’. You’ve got to be more conscious than ever of what you do well, market it flawlessly, and reject compromises that weigh you down. So, we’ve created a year-end series just for you! We want to ensure you have all the tools you need to charge into the new year refreshed and ready to go.

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Photography Recommended Vendor Lists Thumbnail

Recommended Vendor Lists: The Moneysaving Marketing Hack Your Photography Business Needs

Particularly these days, wedding planning is downright overwhelming. A recommended or preferred vendor list is a stamp of approval. It’s another professional putting their name and reputation on the line for yours. That’s huge! And it means you can’t just shoot off a quick, poorly written email to a vendor you’ve never spoken to before and expect to land a spot! 

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How Photographers Can Thrive on Instagram Thumbnail

How Photographers Can Thrive On Instagram… Even When The Algorithm Is Working Against You!

As soon as we master the Instagram algorithm as it is, it changes. And there’s almost no real guidance on how to manage it well. Unfortunately, even the “experts” are just making guesses—lucky guesses that occasionally show results for sure, but guesses nonetheless. And guesses are no way to run a business. So, let’s talk about a few concrete ways you can succeed on Instagram, even in the middle of the constant change hurricane you’re being forced to weather.

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follow-up email strategy for photographers blog thumbnail

The Forgotten Art of the Follow-Up Email

You’ve done it! They inquired. They scheduled a consultation call. They seemed excited by what you offer, and they told you they were ready to book! Then, you send them their beautifully customized proposal, aaaaand…crickets. Nothing. Nada. Silence. For whatever reason, they never reply and you add them to the ever-growing list of ghosty-ghost could-have-beens you’ll never get to work with. But does it have to be this way? I don’t think so! The secret lies in a mythical, magical tool called the Follow-Up Email.

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Blog post on non-ideal clients for photographers

A non-ideal photography client just inquired. Now what?

Whether from the initial inquiry, during the consultation call, or somewhere in between, you realized this inquiry is from someone who is the exact opposite of your ideal client. So…now what?

Should you ignore the red flags? Should you lower your standards? Should you sacrifice your boundaries? At the end of the day, should you just book them anyway?
Let’s talk about how to recognize and handle an inquiry from a less than ideal client.

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Answering some of the FAQs photographers have about copywriting

What does a copywriter for photographers do?

Maybe you’re tired of struggling through written content that never seems to get finished. Or your website isn’t attracting your ideal clients. Or you’re getting ghosted by potential clients somewhere in your introductory email workflow. If any of these situations feel familiar, you need someone to boost your written content to help you get the conversions you need. And that’s where a copywriter can step in!

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