The Three-Day Copywriting Experience for Photographers

Psst...wanna know a secret?

All photographers believe what makes them unique is that they build super-duper-for-real-for-real friendships with their clients. That they bond with them over travel, dogs, and The Office. That they take photos that aren’t just beautiful—they make you really feel. And if that didn’t make your stomach drop, guess what else? Your dream client doesn’t actually care that you can’t live without coffee or that it’s your dream to travel to Santorini.

Whether you sound like everyone else or you’re saying things that just don’t matter to clients, you have to do more—be more—if you want to stand out. 

Thankfully you can, because you are more. Even if you don’t know it yet! Through my three-day copywriting experience tailored to the specific needs of photographers, I can illuminate your uniqueness so your dream clients can see it, too.

Let’s take your website from “I love coffee and photography” to “With a vibrant imagination and drive to help others as all-consuming as the main character in my favorite movie, Amelie…” like Idalia Photography or Anne Blodgett’s “Ready to crank up the Beyoncé and give this whole ‘running the world’ thing a try?”

All you have to do is be yourself. I’ll do the rest!


“My mom finished reading the content and said, ‘Woah, I feel like I was just talking to you!’ Erica captured my voice while infusing fun and purpose. Without a doubt, my site now sounds way more like me.”

wedding and branding photographer

this experience is about so much more than the words we write

In Just Three Days, You'll Receive:

A renewed sense of
By delving into who you are, how you serve, and the impact you hope to make, we’ll discover what really makes your business special and rejuvenate your passion to bring it to your clients.

A powerful feeling of
Trying to run a business is a constant struggle to decide what the next best move is in the pursuit of growth. By establishing a unique brand story, we’ll strategically illuminate your unique path forward.

A genuine quality of
Professionalism is about more than presenting a well-written, typo-free website…although it’s definitely about that, too! It’s about presenting your expertise with conviction and specificity.

A unique message that will book
Closing the deal isn’t only about offering the best product—it’s about telling clients why your product is the one they’ve always been dreaming of. 
By writing with specificity and purpose, your website will do exactly that!

The Investment

Ideal client discovery interviews
Brand reflection worksheet
Two-hour brand voice and ideal client discovery call
Custom brand voice guide

Homepage content
About Me page content
Services page content
Contact page content
Custom inquiry response email template

Proofreading pass from a copy editor
A full day to request all the edits you need!

You’ll also receive:

Access to the full follow-up project menu
Monthly office hours
Complimentary lifetime subscription to the newsletter
Continuing education, events, and content clean-ups to keep your site fresh and effective for years to come!


Erica Comitalo provides copywriting services for photographers

* A wide range of a la carte options (including blogs, additional emails, and Instagram captions) are available for continuing clients, but this is the essential foundation for every piece of written content we write going forward. So, let’s start here to ensure you’ve got the essentials and go from there!

But How Does It Work Exactly?
let's unleash your signature brand voice in just eight simple steps

01. DISCOVER | pre-project

To ensure this experience is the right one for you, let’s hop on a 30-minute call to discuss your business journey, struggles, and goals. We’ll also review the proposal you received before your call to answer any questions. Finally, we’ll choose your prospective date, and then you’ll have three days to lock it in!

02. REFLECT | pre-project

Immediately after booking, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire so I can learn everything there is to know about your biz! And while you’re filling that out, I’ll be interviewing your favorite past clients to build out a vision of your ideal client! This way, we remove the guesswork in your project from day one!

03. DEFINE | project day one

Our project officially begins with a two-hour call to flesh out your ideal client then build a bridge to them through a brand voice that is true to you. We’ll go deeper than you ever thought possible to give you a client avatar and voice that feels completely honest but that you’ve never been able to identify before!

04. CLARIFY | project day one 

Next, we’ll turn everything we discussed during this brand voice call into a beautiful brand voice guide. We’ll use this as we write your content, sure, but you’ll also be able to use it going forward to maintain consistency within your brand and with any future contractors you choose to partner with!

05. WRITE | project day two

Can you believe the writing doesn’t even start ’til step five?! That’s what makes it so good, baby! All the prep-work we’ve done is now put to use as we turn your most important marketing tool into your most effective marketing tool! And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger! So, go enjoy your day!

06. PROOF | project day two

We aren’t about to send you a typo-riddled Google doc! But all the best writers know that no writer is above mistakes. That’s why we close day two with a proofreading pass with a copy-editor. This ensures your Google doc will come to you error-free on editing day. All you’ll have to concentrate on is personality and accuracy!

07. REFINE | project day three

As the day comes up on day three, your brand new content doc and editing instructions will be waiting for you in your email inbox! Enjoy a leisurely day of reading through everything, asking friends and family for their thoughts, and requesting as many edits as you can fit in a 24-hour period!

08. UNLEASH | project day three 

And just like that, you’ve got a fully written website ready to go! All you have to do is copy everything out of your content doc and paste it into your website! Format freely, and then hit publish because it’s time to send these words out into the world where they’ll start attracting dream clients you can’t wait to meet!

Explore what we can create together!

There is so much we can do if you choose to turn your website into a storytelling tool rather than a generic place holder that surrounds your images. By reimagining what the written content on your website can do, you can truly put your greatest marketing tool to work.

“Before hiring Erica, I felt lost and defeated every time I pulled open a blank page on my website and tried to convey who I was, what I offer, and what makes working with me special. Through her absolute magic with writing, Erica crafted content for me that sounds more true than anything I’ve heard before.”

jessica billings
wedding and elopement photographer

Photographers Often Ask Us…

Answering some of the FAQs photographers have about copywriting

Q: My pictures speak for themselves, so why do I even need well written content anyway? 
A: Professionalism and clarity aside (although those are massive), it’s because, as humans, we are all obsessed with stories, and they move us in ways we can’t begin to understand. I believe you have an incredible story to tell. All you need are the tools and the confidence to tell it.

Q: So, um, how can YOU write content that sounds like ME?
A: During our initial consultation call, we will nail down a brand voice that perfectly resonates with who you are and who your ideal client is. And if at any point in the process, you start worrying that the content isn’t quite sounding right, we can always make adjustments. 

Q: Why do you include these pieces of content in your collection?
A: Because these are the essential touch points that take a first time visitor through the process of booking! I can’t in good faith offer you any less, because only by revamping all these pieces can we truly make an impact.

Q: What if I know something is wrong with my written content, but I don’t exactly know what or where to start?
A: I totally hear you! We’ll work together to find the things you love and the things you feel aren’t quite working. I’ll recommend alterations and additions that will make a world of difference. And then, when we write your new content, we’ll put the changes to work!

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds, but I am confident that, through my process, we will craft content you’ll love. 

What are you waiting for?! Let's get you booked!

You’ve waited for effective, captivating written content for years. You’ve missed out on clients that could have become dear friends. You’ve lost thousands on skipped bookings because of content that feels generic and bland and—let’s be real—is probably littered with typos. You can’t afford to wait any longer to have the written content your remarkable business deserves. So, let’s not waste another second! Let’s get you the web copy of your dreams with a quickness that will blow your mind.