You're not a cliché. Your written web content shouldn't be either!

The stories photographers can tell about hilarious posing disasters, tearjerking wedding day surprises and triumphantly overcoming the almighty horror of broken equipment mid session are packed with drama and emotion. Your stories can make us laugh out loud or dissolve into a weepy puddle like nothing else. All you have to do is tell those stories. And through done-for-you copywriting, it’s never been easier to do exactly that!

Let’s craft high-quality written content for your entire website that turns visitors to your website into loyal clients. And while the content is being written, you won’t have to lift a finger!

There is so much we can do if you choose to turn your website into a storytelling tool rather than a generic place holder that surrounds your images. By reimagining what the written content on your website can do, you can truly put your greatest marketing tool to work.

Done-for-you copywriter

Sure, a picture's worth a thousand words.
But a picture paired with the right words is

Photographer seeking done-for-you copywriting

For most photographers, freshening up your web content, writing your About Me page and maintaining a blog is a source of frustration and an unhappy chunk of time spent away from camera and clients.

You struggle to tell a unique story in a medium you didn’t choose to specialize in, wishing you could get back to your art. That lengthy to-do list is a constant source of guilt as the time ticks slowly past.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Explore the world of done-for-you copy!



  • a new sense of confidence in the way you present yourself to online
  • professionally-crafted written content that is still infused with your personality
  • web copy that sparks a genuine connection with visitors turning them into loyal clients
  • that unique peace of mind that comes from finally checking items off your to-do list
  • more free time to dedicate to the aspects of your business (and your life) that you love most

Explore what we can create together!

ashley cook's done-for-you copywriting homepage
for Ashley Cook Photography


Let's welcome your potential clients with impact.

For photographers, who do most of their advertising and booking online, a homepage serves much the same purpose as walking through a shop door would for brick-and-mortar stores. It sets the mood, welcomes customers, and hopefully gets them in the mood to buy.

Just imagine what it’s like to walk into a store like Anthropologie, where everything from the decor to the smells give a whimsical and wonderful vibe. Or maybe think about what it’s like to shop at a high end bridal boutique, where they hand you a mimosa the instant you walk in. Think for a moment about walking into your favorite clothing shop. Can’t you imagine the smells, colors, music, and energy? 

The most successful, most established brands grab hold of you the moment you walk through the door and stick in your mind long after you’re gone. 

That’s exactly what a well-written homepage can do for your photography business!

Connect powerfully with clients through your story.

Here it is. The beating heart of your website. 

This is the page that can make a client fall in love with you before they ever get the chance to meet you. Through a strategically-written about page, we can build an unbreakable connection between you and your potential client that will make them desperate to work with you! 

By building out a true-to-you brand voice that speaks to the heart of your ideal client, we can wrap them up cozy in your story while sharing tidbits about yourself that make them say “Oh my gosh, me too!” 

Baleigh Creed's done-for-you copywriting About Me Page
for Baleigh Creed Photography

about me

Rachel Buckley's done-for-you copywriting Experience Page
for Rachel Buckley Photography


Showcase your uniqueness through the client experience.

A great client experience page can make or break a booking in a way few other pages can. This is where you really get to dig into the question, “What makes me different?”

Here, we can dig more deeply into the values that guide your business. We can take potential clients step-by-step through what it’s like to work with you — from the first hello to final delivery and beyond! We can help them imagine what it would be like to step in front of your lens.

We can show through immersive storytelling and personality-driven language why working with you will truly be a dream experience.

This is the page brides will show their moms, wives will show their husbands, and seniors will show their parents to convince them that what you offer is really, truly worth it!


Demonstrate value through your investment page.

Has booking been slow? Are you struggling to meet your session number goals? Have potential clients been turning you down because of your prices? Then your investment page might need a serious overhaul! 

There’s a huge misunderstanding that the purpose of your investment page is to share your prices. WRONG! While I believe sharing your prices on your investment page is extremely important, your investment page is really about displaying your value! It’s all about expressing to potential clients how much more you bring to a session than just clicks of the camera. 

Do you scout locations in advance for sessions? Do you help brides create their wedding day timelines? Do you send 24-hour sneak peeks? All this and more should be listed on your investment page to enchant potential clients, and I can show you how!

Emily Stock's done-for-you copywriting Investment Page
for Tiger Lily Photography


Stephanie Mason's done-for-you copywriting Blog Post
for Stephanie Mason Photography & Co.

blog posts

Display sessions and educate clients through your blog.

Let’s be real…you don’t have time to write your own blog posts. With a schedule full of client meetings, sessions, galleries that need editing, and so much more, when could you possibly keep your blog up to date? 

Never fear, because your content writer is here!

Whether you want to showcase a recent session or educate your clients, your blog is an invaluable tool, and we can make sure you get the most out of every single post! A few great blog posts to consider are: 

  • recent client work
  • tips and tricks for clients
  • explaining how you do what you do
  • vendor recommendations
  • venue/location recommendations
  • peeks behind the scenes into your client experience


But it doesn't end there! Through done-for-you copywriting, we can also create...

Erica Comitalo, a done-for-you copywriter

“I avoided updating my website for years. I would start and then delete more times than I can count. Thankfully, Erica was there to ease all my stress and worry and was able to take all of my jumbled thoughts and turn them into beautifully crafted stories that I could’ve only dreamed of.”

shannon castro

Frequently Asked Questions

Done-for-you copywriting FAQs

Q: My pictures speak for themselves, so why do I even need well written content anyway? 
A: Professionalism and clarity aside (although those are massive), it’s because, as humans, we are all obsessed with stories, and they move us in ways we can’t begin to understand. I believe you have an incredible story to tell. All you need are the tools and the confidence to tell it.

Q: So, um, how can YOU write content that sounds like ME?
A: During our initial consultation call, we will nail down a brand voice that perfectly resonates with who you are and who your ideal client is. And if at any point in the process, you start worrying that the content isn’t quite sounding right, we can always make adjustments. 

Q: How much will this cost me?
A: Because every photographer’s needs are wildly different, I create custom proposals for each and every one of you! Packages start at $825, and you’ll be able to select the one that best fits your needs.

Q: How far out do I need to book you?
A: Because I only take on five clients a month for website overhauls, it’s extremely important to plan ahead, and book two months in advance.

Q: What if I know something is wrong with my written content, but I don’t exactly know what or where to start?
A: I totally hear you! I offer website consultations through which I squirrel through your entire website recommending alterations and additions that will make a world of difference. And then I can give you a hand with implementing those changes if you’d like!

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds, but I am confident that, through my process, we will craft content you’ll love.