The Two-Day Copywriting Experience for Photographers

You’ve waited for effective, captivating written content for years. You’ve missed out on clients that could have become dear friends. You’ve lost thousands on skipped bookings because of content that feels generic and bland and—let’s be real—is probably littered with typos. You can’t afford to wait any longer to have the written content your remarkable business deserves. So, let’s not waste another second! Let’s get you the web copy of your dreams with a quickness that will blow your mind.


“My mom finished reading the content and said, ‘Woah, I feel like I was just talking to you!’ Erica captured my voice while infusing fun and purpose. Without a doubt, my site now sounds way more like me.”

wedding and branding photographer

The Signature Collection for Photographers

Ready to totally transform your written content in just two days!? By diving deeply into your ideal client, brand voice, and the essential pieces of your booking workflow, you’ll have a website that you can’t wait to share with potential clients. Never feel like your website is bland, boring, or ineffective ever again!

This collection includes*: 

Brand voice and ideal client discovery
Interviews with your favorite past clients
Custom brand voice guide
Homepage content
About Me page content
Services page content
Contact page content
Custom inquiry response email template
Editing pass from a copy editor
A full day for edits!
Access to The Client Lounge and a menu of follow-up projects
Complimentary lifetime subscription to the newsletter!


Erica Comitalo provides copywriting services for photographers

* A wide range of a la carte options (like blogs, additional emails, and Instagram captions) are available for continuing clients, but I require that all new clients begin with the signature collection. If you’re interested in learning more about the continuing client collection, I can’t wait to share more with you during our call!

But How Does it Work Exactly?

Explore what we can create together!

There is so much we can do if you choose to turn your website into a storytelling tool rather than a generic place holder that surrounds your images. By reimagining what the written content on your website can do, you can truly put your greatest marketing tool to work.

ashley cook's done-for-you copywriting homepage
for Ashley Cook Photography


Let's welcome your potential clients with impact.

For photographers, who do most of their advertising and booking online, a homepage serves much the same purpose as walking through a shop door would for brick-and-mortar stores. It sets the mood, welcomes customers, and hopefully gets them in the mood to buy.

Just imagine what it’s like to walk into a store like Anthropologie, where everything from the decor to the smells give a whimsical and wonderful vibe. Or maybe think about what it’s like to shop at a high end bridal boutique, where they hand you a mimosa the instant you walk in. Think for a moment about walking into your favorite clothing shop. Can’t you imagine the smells, colors, music, and energy? 

The most successful, most established brands grab hold of you the moment you walk through the door and stick in your mind long after you’re gone. 

That’s exactly what a well-written homepage can do for your photography business!

Connect powerfully with clients through your story.

Here it is. The beating heart of your website. 

This is the page that can make a client fall in love with you before they ever get the chance to meet you. Through a strategically-written about page, we can build an unbreakable connection between you and your potential client that will make them desperate to work with you! 

By building out a true-to-you brand voice that speaks to the heart of your ideal client, we can wrap them up cozy in your story while sharing tidbits about yourself that make them say “Oh my gosh, me too!” 

An example of an about me page for photographers as written by Erica Comitalo, copywriter for photographers
for Baleigh Creed Photography

about me

An example of an experience page for photographers as written by Erica Comitalo, copywriter for photographers
for Rachel Buckley Photography


Demonstrate value through your details/services page.

A great details/services page can make or break a booking in a way few other pages can. This is where you really get to dig into the question, “What makes me different?”

There’s a huge misunderstanding that the point of this page is just to share your prices. While I believe sharing your prices is extremely important, your details page is really about displaying your value. It’s all about expressing to potential clients how much more you bring to a session than just clicks of the camera.

Here, we can dig more deeply into the values that guide your business. We can take potential clients step-by-step through what it’s like to work with you – from the first hello to final delivery and beyond! We can help them imagine what it would be like to step in front of your lens.

We can show through immersive storytelling and personality-driven language why working with you will truly be a dream experience. This is the page brides will show their moms, wives will show their husbands, and seniors will show their parents to convince them that what you offer is really, truly worth it!

Inspire action with an effective contact page.

Think having a generic little form on your contact page is enough to inspire a potential client to hop down off the fence and make a move? Why would you ever think that!

I feel the contact page is one of the most poorly-used pages on many photographers websites. This is your last shot to convince a potential client to go on and fill out that form and begin the journey of working with you. So, let’s give ’em one last dose of personality or share a final message of hope and joy with them. Let’s do something – anything! – more than say “here’s a form. Fill it out.” Ew.

And don’t forget you also need to set some very clear expectations here…unless of course you want endless follow-up emails and Instagram DMs telling you they just filled out your inquiry form and they expect a response from you within 2 minutes or less!

There’s so much work your contact page should be doing for you, so let’s make sure it’s getting done!

Preview of Erin Lee Photography's contact page
for Erin Lee Photography


Preview of Jessica Billings Photography's inquiry response email template
for Jessica Billings Photography

End ghosting forever with an inquiry response template.

Let’s be real…you don’t have time to write the same email to every client who inquires. It takes forever, and you forget important details every time you re-type it out. Not to mention those pesky typos that sneak in with each new rewrite! 

And let’s not even count up the number of post-inquiry-response ghostings you’ve experienced because of these poorly-written emails. Yikes! Never fear, because your content writer is here!

Through your custom inquiry response email template you can:

  • express your joy to meet a new client
  • build a connection 
  • reiterate what makes you special
  • confirm your availability
  • share next steps
  • book the consultation or session!

But it doesn't end there! After your initial project, we can tackle the rest of your written content, including:

Erica Comitalo of The Write lens, a done-for-you copywriter
“Before hiring Erica, I felt lost and defeated every time I pulled open a blank page on my website and tried to convey who I was, what I offer, and what makes working with me special. Through her absolute magic with writing, Erica crafted content for me that sounds more true than anything I’ve heard before.”

jessica billings
wedding and elopement photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some of the FAQs photographers have about copywriting

Q: My pictures speak for themselves, so why do I even need well written content anyway? 
A: Professionalism and clarity aside (although those are massive), it’s because, as humans, we are all obsessed with stories, and they move us in ways we can’t begin to understand. I believe you have an incredible story to tell. All you need are the tools and the confidence to tell it.

Q: So, um, how can YOU write content that sounds like ME?
A: During our initial consultation call, we will nail down a brand voice that perfectly resonates with who you are and who your ideal client is. And if at any point in the process, you start worrying that the content isn’t quite sounding right, we can always make adjustments. 

Q: Why do you include these pieces of content in your collection?
A: Because these are the essential touch points that take a first time visitor through the process of booking! I can’t in good faith offer you any less, because only by revamping all these pieces can we truly make an impact.

Q: What if I know something is wrong with my written content, but I don’t exactly know what or where to start?
A: I totally hear you! We’ll work together to find the things you love and the things you feel aren’t quite working. I’ll recommend alterations and additions that will make a world of difference. And then, when we write your new content, we’ll put the changes to work!

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds, but I am confident that, through my process, we will craft content you’ll love. 

What are you waiting for?! Let's get you booked!

In just two-days, we can totally transform your photography business’ written content! And while I do most of the work, the first step is all on you! So, zip over to my inquiry form and share a bit about yourself, your business, and your hopes for your written content. Then, choose a day and time that would work best for our consultation call so we can get this show on the road!