75 Blog Prompts for Photographers


Your blog is an invaluable tool…all you have to do is learn how to use it! Through your posts, you can give a behind the scenes peek at your process; you can offer tips to help beginning photographers master the craft; you can answer commonly asked client questions so you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over again; you can share your heart with clients-to-be. So, next time you are struggling to decide on a topic for a blog post, snag one of these 75 prompts from this re-release of this fan-favorite resource to transform your blog into a place of real value.

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“Best decision I’ve made for my business.”

“I feel like I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted to say to my clients but never really knew how to tell a story in a way that still conveys the overall message. Now, I’m able to take the information I want to share in a marketable, sellable story.”


“Took me out of my ‘the weather was lovely, the dress was lovely’ rut!”

“These templates are so easy to customize! It has taken the guess work out of one of my most dreaded tasks. Now I know that my blog posts are not only enjoyable to read, but also improve my SEO!”

Maegan DeCrescenzo

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