The Strategy Intensive

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Ready to conquer business burnout in just 90 minutes?

Maybe you don’t have the time or budget to work with a full-service copywriter or maybe you just enjoy writing your own content! But no matter the reason, you can learn to write immersive content for your photography business all on your own. That’s right: you can do it! And through this limited time offer, you don’t have to do it alone.

have you noticed that:

Take a deep breath, and shimmy-shake out those tense shoulders, ya gem, because you’re in the right place!

"Working with Erica gave me better direction on moving forward with my business. Now, I know who I'm talking to and how to properly do it. Now, my website copy feels like me and speaks directly to who I want to work with!"



How It Works

Diagnose The Problems

After you book your session, I'll dive into your current website to see what's working and what's, well...not. You'll be amazed what an extra set of eyes with nearly five years of experience looking at photography websites like yours will notice! Then, I'll create a list of things you're really nailing and things that can be improved upon to share with you during our session.

Dive Into Your Brand

During your intensive, we will focus on the issues you feel are holding you back and discuss ways you can overcome them through a 90-minute video chat. Whether you want to focus on attracting ideal clients, refining your brand voice, revamping your website written content, or crafting a killer blogging strategy, we'll get you ready for your best year in business yet!

Put It To Work!

Now that you know what you need to do to give yourself the business makeover you deserve, it's time to get it done! I'll send you a post-call breakdown filled with next steps and action items to get you started. Then, as your putting everything you've learned to use, feel free to reach out with questions and feedback requests for the next 30 days!

The Investment

At a fraction of the cost of a full website rewrite, you can unearth your brand voice, captivate your ideal client, and conquer the biggest issues holding you back from presenting yourself with professionalism and confidence online. Let’s beat burnout and get rid of those bad-client (or no-client!) blues together through this limited time offer!  
your strategy intensive includes:

Pre-session website audit
90-minute video call
Post-session round-up with action items
$300 voucher toward a full website rewrite
Brand voice and ideal client clarity
Sense of direction for your written content
Confidence to show up as the remarkable business owner you are!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: My pictures speak for themselves, so why do I even need well written content anyway? 
A: Professionalism and clarity aside (although those are massive), it’s because, as humans, we are all obsessed with stories, and they move us in ways we can’t begin to understand. I believe you have an incredible story to tell. All you need are the tools and the confidence to tell it.

Q: What will we talk about during the strategy call?
A: Before our call, I’ll review your entire website. So, we will cover any issues I spot along the way. We will also discuss the things bothering you the most and how we can help you reach your goals!

Q: Do you do full website overhauls?
A: Sure do! If you’re going through a web redesign, this is the perfect time to rewrite all your content, too. Or if you’ve just realized your current written content isn’t cutting it, I can give you a hand on a total rewrite.

Q: How far out do I need to book you for strategy or coaching?
A: We can generally fit in a call within two weeks of booking! But during busy seasons (a.k.a any slow season for photographers) wait times tend to lengthen.

Q: What if I know something is wrong with my written content, but I don’t know whether to book a strategy intensive or a done-for-you project?
A: I totally hear you! Let’s hop on a consultation call and discuss all the options! Together, we can find the one that will work best for you!