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Copywriting for photographers who want to translate their personalities into their most powerful marketing asset in just three days.

Copywriting for photographers who want
to translate their personalities into their most powerful marketing asset in just three days.

"I want my website to feel


Do you laugh at every emotionless website promising “swoon-worthy” galleries? Roll your eyes when you encounter try-hard BFF-iness? Yawn every time you see the words “authentic,” “lover of light,” or “wildly in love?” No matter what your opinions are, we love that you’ve got ’em! It’s time to shed that trendy, boss-babe written content you see everywhere, and through strategic copywriting for photographers, embrace a sincere, sensational voice all your own!

Introducing Erica Comitalo copywriting for photographers

the writer

All you have to do is show up on the consultation call, OK? We'll get them there!

No matter their style, approach, or experience level, photographers always tell me, “Once I get potential clients on a call, I’m so good at selling. It’s getting them onto the call that’s the problem…”

What if that problem could disappear in just three days?

Clients really can feel like they’ve actually met you—like, truly gotten to know you—after just reading your website, and I can’t friggin’ wait to show you how copywriting for photographers can make that dream come alive!


I'm Erica, and through branded web copy, I bring photographers like you the clarity, competence, and conviction their businesses deserve.

I didn’t begin as a “copywriter for creatives,” casting a wide net to serve a wildly varied audience with wildly varied needs. And despite studying photojournalism as part of my journalism degree, I didn’t begin as a multi-service creative, offering everything from design to photography without becoming a true expert in anything. Nope, for more than half a decade, I’ve been copywriting for photographers! This has always been who and how I’ve wanted to serve, and I’ve dedicated my career to doing it exceptionally. Now, I want to bring all that experience and insight to you!

So, whaddya say? Ready to fill your website with words that will build your business? But not just any words! Oh no, no! Anyone can do that! I’m talking words that feel as familiar as slipping into your favorite pair of sweatpants and as effective as your secret, go-to trick for helping a client feel like a model. Words only for you.


In a December 2022 survey, 94% of our clients reported successfully raising their prices since working with us. On average, they raised their prices by 40%.
After adding their new web copy, 86% of our clients saw increased site traffic. And 50% have already noticed more Google referrals .
94% of our photographers told us that, since working with us, they had booked a dream client.


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copywriting for photographers

There are three ways to work with us—all you have to do is choose your adventure!


The 3-Day Experience

We can clarify your ideal client, unleash your unique brand voice, and rewrite your entire website in just three days.


The 90-Minute Intensive

In just an hour and a half, we can tackle the biggest problems holding your website back, making your rewrite a breeze.

craft your own content

The Template Shop

You can take on your web content, email templates, and blog posts with just a few copies, pastes, and fill-in-the-blanks.

word on the street

Bailey Testimonial
"Every person I sent the copy to said they could 100% hear my voice speaking the words to them as they read them! Erica found a way to tell my story better than I ever could! She helped me understand that traits I saw as "weaknesses" are actually the secret sauce that my clients love most about me."

—Bailey Pianalto—
Jayde Testimonial
"Erica really took the time to get to know me, and that aided in making the final project so personal and professional. It was very important to me that my copy not be set in trendy words or things that just sound pretty; I wanted my copy to convert! And I have been beyond ecstatic with the results I’ve gotten already."

—Jayde Anzola—
Lois Testimonial
"I was a bit nervous to trust someone with my brand after I poured hours of time into trying to do it on my own, but she has made my brand message so much better than I could’ve hoped for! She was able to take my brand and bring it to life all while fitting my personality. She is very passionate about helping people and it shows!"

—Lois Macomber—
Heather Testimonial
"I can't say enough about how much I loved this process! From the first call to delivery, the process and the communication is a dream. Erica and her team nailed my copy for my website! I can't wait to continue working with her again!"

—Heather Domer—
Savannah Testimonial
"Working with Erica was, and will continue to be, one of the best investments I could ever make for my business. She captured what I have been trying to find the words for for six months in just one day! She left me with clarity and a guide for the future. I cannot wait to see this new website do its magic!"

—Savannah Bell—
Kayla Testimonial
"This was seriously the best experience I could have imagined! From the first call to the final product, everything felt seamless and simple on my end. I was so lost and unhappy with the website copy I had before Erica, and I felt like everyone sounded the same on their website. She truly brought my brand voice to life!"

—Kayla Albers—

our clients

Our photographers are driven, collaborative, intentional, visionary risk-takers ready to fearlessly plant their flags in an oversaturated industry to radically serve their unique clients with sincerity and heart.


Ready to begin the adventure? 

You really can have written content that sounds like YOU without lifting a finger! Through my signature experience, we’ll refine your ideal client, unleash your brand voice, and flood your website with web copy that captivates clients, showcases your value, and grows your business. 

All you have to do is say the word!