75 MORE Blog Prompts for Photographers


After diving deeply into the first 75 blog prompts for photographers, you’ve learned that you really do have valuable information to share! You’ve learned that your blog isn’t just a placeholder or a place to dump your most recent images. You’ve learned that sharing more of your expertise, more of your experience, and more of yourself with your clients is truly a beautiful thing. But the party doesn’t stop there! After two more years of experience in the world of writing for photographers, I have a whole new batch of blog topics to share with you!

Are you ready to revive your passion for blogging? Or maybe even ignite it for the very first time? I promise it doesn’t have to be hard! Come on. Let’s do it together with these 75 more blog prompts for photographers.

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“Best decision I’ve made for my business.”

“I feel like I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted to say to my clients but never really knew how to tell a story in a way that still conveys the overall message. Now, I’m able to take the information I want to share in a marketable, sellable story.”


“Without her help, I would still be lost in a sea of run-on sentences!”

“Erica helped me so much with creating content for my website and business that truly fits my voice and personality! She helped me narrow down my thoughts and created content I am proud to present!”


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