The Wedding Photographer's Essential Collection of Blog Post Templates


After the busiest busy season of your life, you’re now left wondering, “How the ever-living heck am I going to blog all of these weddings?” And forget about incorporating strategic SEO! Enter blog templates for wedding photographers.

What if you could get all of them blogged and scheduled to post in a single afternoon? What if you could SEO keyword your posts without learning what the heck SEO even is? What if you could keep a consistent blogging schedule year-round, no matter how busy you are? What if all of this was as simple as a copy, paste, and fill in the blanks?

In this 15-page resource, you’ll receive:

Four unique, SEO-keyworded blog post templates
Tips on how to get the most out of each one of your blog posts
A bonus resource full of descriptive words to use in your writing

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bundle today, and get blogging!

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The struggle is so real

but i can lighten the load

New around here? I’m so glad you’ve found me! I’m Erica, a communications director and magazine editor-in-chief turned freelance writer and copywriter, and I love sharing my insight and talents with overwhelmed, overworked photographers. If you have any questions about how to implement the resources you find here, I’m always ready and willing to give you a hand!


Erica is my lifesaver!

“I highly recommend her products to anyone who needs a hand with her writing needs,  whether it’s website copy or blogging, whether it’s wedding related or anything else.”


This is a game changer!

I instantly felt at ease with Erica’s calm communication and professional manner. I knew right away she was someone I could trust handing off such an important aspect of my business to.

– cassie valente

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