10 Better Words To Use Instead of “Fun”

Whether you photograph weddings or newborns, families or entrepreneurs, one thing’s for sure: you encounter endless amounts of fun every time you head out with your camera! 

But reusing the same three-letter word over and over can get mighty tired. So, let’s try a few new, more specific options on for size.

1. Delightful

You won’t find a sweeter word out there to use as a replacement for the word “fun!” This word — which also means “charming” — is a great one to use if your brand voice is very romantic, elegant, or serene.  

2. Enjoyable

This word doesn’t exactly pack a huge punch, but here’s the thing: every wedding reception you photograph and every session you book won’t be wildly amazing. That’s just reality. Sometimes they are just…okay. And this is a wonderfully diplomatic way to describe those scenarios. 

3. Lively 

This word is absolutely buzzing with energy and, well, life. So, if you’re writing about a wild dance floor or a five year old hopping in the waves during a beach family session, this is the ideal world to use. 

4. A Blast

If your ideal client is on the younger side and your brand voice is that of a best friend, this option is the perfect one for describing a fun session or even just a particularly amazing first meeting with a client. 

5. Amusing

This word is defined by the presence of laughter, so if you’re photographing a dad-joke-cracking crew of groomsmen or grandma busting a move, make sure you bust out this word! 

6. Witty

This replacement for fun is unique because of the added spice of smarts. If you’re photographing a client who is never without a funny, intelligent response, then you’ve got a witty soul in front of your camera!

7. Vivacious

For some reason, this word always makes me think of Scarlett O’Hara. So, imagine her sparkling, energetic, outgoing personality (minus her many flaws) and you’ve got a perfect example of a fun, vivacious woman!

8. Cheerful

This word — perfect for describing a baby at a newborn session or the bridesmaids the morning of their dear friend’s wedding — is a more tender fun than you’ll find on a packed dance floor. It’s also a great choice for older clients or parents of a bride and groom. 

9. Entertaining

This word has a similar effect to “enjoyable,” so feel free to use the two interchangeably.

10. Boisterous

If the fun is getting wild and rowdy, this is the word you are looking for! Typified by noise and uncontainable energy, this is great for describing children or packed dance floors. 

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