60 Days of Instagram Content Ideas for Photographers

As a photographer, your Instagram page is one of your best marketing tools. But between the oversaturation of content on the platform and the need to magically guess what your followers will respond to, putting together a comprehensive Instagram content strategy can feel exhausting. That’s why I’m going to help you do it! Below are two months of Instagram content ideas for photographers (60 grid prompts, 40 stories prompts, and 20 reels prompts) that give you a great mix of content. Let’s go!

60 Instagram Grid Content Ideas for Photographers

This is where Instagram all started! And sure, with all the new features, the grid posts don’t always get the attention they deserve, but they are a great way to feature your beautiful photos while sharing stories and tips with clients. Instead of trying to come up with an interesting caption to share every day, choose one of these Instagram content ideas instead! Share a bit more than emojis under images from your latest sessions by using these prompts to up your caption game!

  1. When did you know you wanted to start a photography business? Was it a lightbulb moment or a long, winding road?
  2. Describe a funny or inspiring moment from a recent session. How did this moment of connection help the photos turn out even more ah-mazing?
  3. Golden hour? Blue hour? All the hours? Describe when you love taking pictures most, and throw in some tips for soaking up those hours.
  4. How did you discover your signature editing style? Trial and error or formal class?
  5. Where do you see your business in five years?
  6. What would your five-years-ago-self think if they saw where you are today? Would you ever have guessed this is where life would take you?
  7. Do you think photographers need a formal education? Why or why not? What counts as “formal” in your book? What are some of the benefits of the approach you took?
  8. Black and white photos: how do you approach them? Do you include them in your galleries? Why or why not?
  9. Instagram or Pinterest: explain the pros and cons of photographers marketing on these two platforms, and which is your favorite to use.
  10. What is one business tool (HoneyBook, Later, your calendar/planner) you cannot live without, and why would you recommend it to others?
  11. What is your photo editing style as described in your own words (don’t you dare say “light and airy,” “dark and moody,” or “natural light photography!” Don’t you do it…!)?
  12. What’s your overarching approach to directing your subjects? Posed and stylized or impromptu and spontaneous? Have you tried the other method, and if so, how did that go?
  13. Share a day in your life by breaking down your daily routine.
  14. Share a day in your session day life by breaking down a day spent behind your camera.
  15. Would you rather: photograph in a big bustling city or a grand, sweeping national park? Photograph large families or small ones? Take on a 300-guest wedding day or an intimate backyard celebration? Give us some this or that!
  16. What is your brand voice, and how did you discover it?
  17. What tips can you share for photographing in bad light, whether it’s shining at the wrong angle or is way too dark outside?
  18. Is there a wedding/session disaster you helped fix? Tell us about it!
  19. What is one quick timeline creation tip for wedding or session day, and why is it so important to have an expert help create the timeline?
  20. Pets at a wedding/session, yea or nay? And how to best plan for your furry friends in a formal setting.
  21. What is your dream session to photograph and why?
  22. What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed/stressed/anxious?
  23. What are your tips for putting work down and stepping away when you’re going on vacation?
  24. What’s something you’ve automated in your business that has helped you a ton? How did you automate it?
  25. What are some photography and business-oriented books or podcasts that have helped you improve your business?
  26. Photographing in the elements: how do you deal with wind, rain, and snow on session day?
  27. What are your go-to tips for dressing for branding sessions?
  28. What are some hair and makeup tips for family/senior/branding/engagement sessions?
  29. What do you do when you’re feeling tired/low/not motivated in your business?
  30. What is your take on a first look at a wedding?
  31. For branding sessions, should your clients get an Airbnb/studio space? Why or why not?
  32. Swipe to edit: share some of your most striking before and afters.
  33. What should clients do with their photos once they receive their gallery?
  34. Should couples get a wedding planner? Why?
  35. What does your week look like? Are you photographing and traveling on the weekends? What days do you take off?
  36. What are some of your top tips for taking amazing vacation photos with just an iPhone?
  37. What styles and colors of clothing photograph well, and what should clients avoid?
  38. What is your personal philosophy on airbrushing and retouching?
  39. How do you scout locations? What are some factors you consider?
  40. What is your favorite time of year to photograph and why?
  41. Let’s get deep in the weeds on the “why” behind your business.
  42. What is your favorite part about running your business? How about your least favorite part?
  43. What’s your business mission statement? How did you come up with it? How does it guide what you do every day?
  44. What is a photo or photoshoot you’re really proud of and why?
  45. What are some of your favorite jewelry photography tips?
  46. What is one workflow or process you recently changed in your business? How did you know you needed to make a fix? How has that aspect of your business improved since making that change?
  47. What is something you had to do for your business that was way out of your comfort zone, and how did you get through it?
  48. What tools/products/software/outsourcing are worth the splurge for your business? And what should you just DIY?
  49. Share a photo or painting on your desk/hanging on your wall that you adore.
  50. What are some lessons you learned in the past year (it doesn’t have to be January 1 to share this!)?
  51. What is the story behind an interesting object in your office?
  52. Give an in-depth answer to a question clients often have when they book you. Psst…then, add it to your FAQs!
  53. What makes you really excited to get up in the morning and work on your business?
  54. Do you keep a 9-5 schedule, or is your work schedule a little different? How did you find what works best for you?
  55. What jobs did you have before you picked up a camera?
  56. What do you do in the slow seasons? More time for behind-the-scenes business stuff? More time to yourself? Or do you have a second job?
  57. What are your thoughts on hustle culture and burnout in creative industries? How does burnout negatively affect creativity? Have you experienced burnout, and if so, what were your strategies for getting through it?
  58. Do you plan everything meticulously or go with the flow in your business? Or a mix of both? What is your approach to planning in your business?
  59. Share a setting on your camera that you use all the time, but photography newbies might not know about. How do you use it? Show photos with the setting/without it and how they differ.
  60. How do you clean your camera gear? How often do you do it? What are your favorite products, and where do you buy them?

40 Instagram Story Content Ideas For Photographers:

Instagram stories are a great way to build a more personal connection with your followers while also getting information out to your most avid fans. Not to mention gather incredibly valuable insight on your potential client base! So, don’t just post photos of your pets here! Use your Instagram story to its fullest by diving into these Instagram content ideas for your stories.

  1. Question sticker: “What questions do you have about wedding/branding/family/senior photography?”
  2. Poll: “Have you ever worked with a pro photographer before?” Or: “Was I the first pro photographer you ever worked with?”
  3. Poll: “Hey, past clients, How did you feel about photography before working with me?”
  4. Multiple choice quiz: Ask questions about your business to help people know what’s going on behind the scenes.
  5. Tap to edit: Share those beautiful before and afters!
  6. Video of your workspace for the day.
  7. Video deep dive of the products you offer (albums, prints, etc.) Then, add it to your highlights!
  8. Gather some user-generated content of your photos hanging in your clients’ homes.
  9. Promote a top-performing grid post from a week or two ago that your followers might have missed.
  10. How did you develop your brand? Get on camera and talk about it!
  11. Poll: this or that for photo edits
  12. Share an old picture from the beginning of your business and show how you’ve grown since!
  13. Video of what’s in your session/wedding day bag.
  14. Video of what you’re wearing to photograph the next session/wedding and why it rocks!
  15. Question sticker: “What are your reservations about hiring a professional photographer?” This will get you chatting in DM’s with people who might be right on the verge of booking.
  16. Question sticker: “How did you find me?”
  17. Share something incredible about your client experience that potential clients might not know or think about before working with you.
  18. Share some stellar reviews you’ve gotten recently.
  19. Share a quote that helps you get motivated.
  20. Share some favorite Instagram profiles your followers should check out.
  21. Organize a take-over day with one of your favorite local vendors.
  22. Share your to-do list for the day or week.
  23. Share your standard wedding or session week checklist you use to prepare like a pro.
  24. Promote another one of your marketing platforms, like your Pinterest, blog, email list, etc.
  25. Share some of your goals, big or small, and when you hope to achieve them.
  26. Multiple choice questions about timeline creation, for example, “How long do you think a first look takes?” or “How long do hair and makeup take for an average-sized bridal party?”
  27. What is your favorite type of venue to photograph at and why?
  28. What are three prompts you give couples for engagement sessions? Get silly and demonstrate them for us!
  29. What is your approach to branding photography, and why do you think it’s important for a business to invest in?
  30. What is your opinion on comparison and competition between photographers: good for innovation and pushing yourself, or bad for self-esteem and community-building? Just get real and talk to the camera.
  31. Share a weekly roundup of your favorite photos from local vendors.
  32. Share a quick business or life update that your followers would want to know.
  33. Invite followers to get ready for a wedding or session with you.
  34. Play two truths and a lie about your business.
  35. Unbox one of the physical heirlooms you create for clients, like an album, print, etc.
  36. Share the places or things on your photography bucket list!
  37. Question sticker: “Why are you drawn to my photography style or client experience?”
  38. What do you usually listen to in the car when driving to venues? Share some links and screenshots of albums, playlists, and podcasts.
  39. What are some of your lighting dos and don’ts? Show us!
  40. Have a candid conversation about why you don’t share all the RAW photos from a session with the client.

20 Reels Content Ideas For Photographers

And here we are! The newest, and for more photographers scariest, piece of Instagram. But don’t worry: you don’t just have to get on a camera and do a little dance. You can share photos! You can talk! You can organically film parts of your day and edit it all together! There is so much you can do, so let’s explore a few Instagram reels options you might not have considered.

  1. Misconceptions about photography
  2. How to pose with props
  3. How to pose when you’re by yourself
  4. Tap to edit
  5. How to get veil/hair/dress flowing-in-the-wind photos
  6. How to photograph (correctly!) at sunset
  7. Day in the life
  8. Organizing a flat lay and final version
  9. Your editing process.
  10. Answer FAQ’s from your site
  11. Share essential tips for other photographers starting their business
  12. Quick moments throughout your work week
  13. Most emotional wedding day/session moments
  14. Video of your office/workspace, especially if you’re redoing/redecorating it—include a before and after
  15. Old photos vs. current photos: show clients how you’ve grown as an artist
  16. Let me take you on an engagement photoshoot/editing day/location-scouting trip/etc
  17. Why a professional photographer is worth the investment
  18. Creating a mood/vision board for a photoshoot: your process
  19. How your life has changed since you took your business full-time
  20. Some of your favorite photos you’ve taken to date

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