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Blog post on non-ideal clients for photographers

A non-ideal photography client just inquired. Now what?

Whether from the initial inquiry, during the consultation call, or somewhere in between, you realized this inquiry is from someone who is the exact opposite of your ideal client. So…now what?

Should you ignore the red flags? Should you lower your standards? Should you sacrifice your boundaries? At the end of the day, should you just book them anyway?
Let’s talk about how to recognize and handle an inquiry from a less than ideal client.

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Answering some of the FAQs photographers have about copywriting

What does a copywriter for photographers do?

Maybe you’re tired of struggling through written content that never seems to get finished. Or your website isn’t attracting your ideal clients. Or you’re getting ghosted by potential clients somewhere in your introductory email workflow. If any of these situations feel familiar, you need someone to boost your written content to help you get the conversions you need. And that’s where a copywriter can step in!

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UX Design for photographers blog post image

UX Design For Photographers: How To Apply 5 UX Basics To Your Photography Website

There’s this fancy new term floating around the online business world right now. You’ve probably seen it and drifted right past because it looks like something for tech nerds and coders. But it’s so much more…and we believe it could change the way photographers think about their businesses forever: UX Design. But is UX Design for photographers a thing? And what even is it? Refill that coffee, girl, and let’s chat UX Design for photographers!

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is fear holding your photography business back thumbnail

Is Fear Holding Your Photography Business Back?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks solopreneurs have to overcome is the tendency to operate from a place of fear. Instead of confidently charging forward with belief in service, approach, and self, they come at every potential client with the equivalent of an awkward side hug. Everything is couched in 10 layers of “only if you want.” Nothing is chased with all-in enthusiasm. And it can have a terrible effect on your business! So, I have to ask: is fear the thing that’s holding your photography business back?

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How to market your photography business in the everyone's a photographer era blog post thumbnail

How To Market Your Photography Business in the “Everyone’s A Photographer” Era

How do you articulate the value you bring when marketing to people who aren’t fully on board with shelling out a few thousand dollars to hire a wedding photographer? How the heck do you market your wedding photography business like a pro? The answer is simple: you show that you do so much more than click a button! Most wedding planning couples just don’t understand that. Instead of getting frustrated by that gnawing fact, however, let’s educate them!

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Boundaries In Business: Mean, Limiting, or Powerful Tool?

Y’all, if I could shout this from the top of that really high building Tom Cruise climbs in that one Mission Impossible movie, I would: BOUNDARIES ARE HEALTHY! You need them. They are good. They are the best gift you can give yourself as a business owner, so let’s break down a few of the reasons why.

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The Magical Art of Positive Repelling

This may seem harsh or cruel, but we’ve all got to face the fact that not everyone is going to like us. No matter how sunny your personality or how jaw droppingly gorgeous your galleries, you aren’t a piece of chocolate to be loved and adored by everyone. And, hell…there are even some weirdos out there who hate chocolate! To really have a style and a unique approach to photography, you’re going to have to wholeheartedly embrace some things and reject others. And that includes pushing away the people who love what you don’t provide.

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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Working on Vacation

As I head out on a road trip with tons on my to do list, I will certainly have to lower my expectations for the amount of work I can complete if I want to enjoy this trip. But I also can’t go MIA for two weeks. This survival guide includes some key tips that I’ll be using throughout my weeks on the road.

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Meet the copywriter for photographers.

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I’m Erica, the brains behind the clacking computer keys! I’m an introverted extrovert, a sympathy crier who also loves to box, a person who reads comic books while wearing floral dresses…and plants flowers in Wonder Woman t-shirts. I’m a crazy collection of opposites and beyond excited to turn your astonishing personality into words that will build your business.

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