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Beating Burnout Through Brand Voice

In the modern era, you can’t just manage your own business. You have to become a brand. And, y’all, that’s freaking draining! You don’t get to shut it down and go home after your 9 to 5. You have to be “on” every time you answer an email, post to social media or respond to a comment. And when “on” means adopting a tone — a personality — that isn’t yours, it’s ten times as hard.

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Fix The 7 Mistakes Making Your Blog Hard To Read

Reading content from screens is already an uncomfortable experience for many people, and the competition for attention on the Internet has never been more rabid. This puts pressure on bloggers to craft a positive experience for readers each time they visit a post, but there are Seven Deadly Blogging Sins that pop up all over photographer’s blog posts making their posts difficult to read. Let’s fix them up today!

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Is It Time To Outsource Your Blog?

What if I told you that you could have those coveted, regularly-scheduled blog posts without the hassle of writing them yourself? If your heart leaped at the possibility, then it might be time to consider passing off your blogging duties. Check out these five ways to know if an outsourced blog is for you.

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How To Draw Clients Into Your Blog Using Vivid Description

The quickest way to bring your storytelling alive and add a little spice back into your blog posts is to focus your attention on adding descriptive language. “But I’m not a writer!” you protest, and a protest your protest by saying “That’s okay!” It doesn’t take a master in creative writing to give readers the feeling that they are standing right next to you during a photo session. After incorporating these four tips into your blog, you will watch as the stories you tell come alive.

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Wait! Don’t Post Another Blog Without Doing These 5 Things

As a copywriter and blogger for photographers, trust me, I get it! No photographer first picked up their camera because they adored writing, so producing written content can quickly become a massive headache. But by following these five important tips, any blog post will shine with professionalism, help you connect with new clients and add value to your posts. Don’t publish another blog post before you follow these steps!

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