6 Photography Blog Posts You Can Write in Under 30 Minutes

by Samantha Marin

So you want to show up on Google. You wish your photography blog posts got some traction. And you want to get clients to book once they actually click on your page. But your schedule is already overfilled, and your brain is stretched to its limit.

Story of a photographer’s life, right?

Well, lucky for you, there’s a solution! Blogging doesn’t have to take hours to be effective. You can write these six blog posts in under a half-hour to help your clients get to know you better without breaking the timebank. Who’s ready to achieve SEO greatness with these posts? Let’s go!

1. How You Started Your Photography Business

This one is a quickie because you only have to write what’s in your head! People are always itching for a good origin story, especially one that shows growth. And if your about me page is short or focused on who you are now, use your photography blog posts to let clients get to know you more deeply.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • Start at the very beginning. Why did you want to start your business in the first place? Where did your passion turn into a full-time business idea?
    • Discuss some of the struggles you went through when getting your photography business started. Were they struggles you expected to have, or did they come as a surprise?
    • Did you ever doubt yourself along the way? How did you smash those doubts?
    • Were there any significant breakthroughs you had along the way?
    • Did any particular person play an instrumental role in getting you where you are today?

This blog is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge. What did you learn along the way, and how does that qualify you to be the best photographer out there for your client today? Don’t be afraid to brag a little—that’s what blogs like these are for!

2. Your Favorite Ways to De-stress and Boundaries You’ve Set

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably pedal-to-the-metal most of the time. But everyone needs a break here and there. And people like to know that they’re not alone—every human needs rest, and finding moments to destress and set boundaries are part of that!

So share how you like to put your feet up and relax at the end of the day. Do you listen to a podcast and go for a run? Or are you more of a bubble bath and face mask kind of gal? Write about it, and elaborate on how others can do the same!

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • Did you have a moment where you realized you needed to set boundaries, or did you always know that having a work-life balance is critical to being an entrepreneur?
    • Where did you learn your de-stress tactics? Are they things that come naturally to you, or did you need to experiment for a while to figure out what worked best?
    • Do your activities of relaxation depend on the day, or are they always about the same?
    • Did you struggle with setting boundaries? If so, how did you get used to them and learn to keep them?

These photography blog posts are a great chance to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Talk in a human-to-human way. Everyone is learning how to best manage this crazy life, and you’re just offering your side of the story!

3. Tools and Strategies You Rely On, In Business And In Life

You can take this one soft and sappy—like needing a warm cup of tea on a chilly winter night or a hug from a loved one after a long day. You can also take this one more analytically, like talking about the different tools you use for your business, such as Adobe programs, Trello, Canva, Later, Asana, Klaviyo, even just Instagram, your phone, and your trusty laptop. Discuss openly what you use to make various aspects of business and life run more smoothly.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • What is a coping strategy you use when something goes wrong? What do you tell yourself to get through it?
    • What are five business tools you absolutely cannot live without?
    • If you’re having a bad day, is there something you know you can do that changes your outlook?
    • Have you tried anything outside of your comfort zone that is now in your toolbox of strategies? Meditation, yoga, therapy?
    • What’s a tool you wished you knew about before starting your business?

Take this opportunity to share some knowledge that you’ve learned the hard way! Give your readers something they can try out for themselves. And remember, you don’t have to overshare to share value. If there are pieces of your life you’d rather keep private, don’t feel compelled to share!

4. Tips for Clients Before Their Session

A post you should be able to crank out easily is tips for clients who have just booked you. This will give them an idea of what to expect as a client, like how much they’ll have to prepare, and what you take care of for them.

These photography blog posts can come in the form of a bulleted list. Put each heading as the type of session (engagement, wedding, senior, family, maternity) and list underneath those headings what they will have to do to prepare.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • What do you tell your clients to wear?
    • If you have a camera-shy client, is there something you tell them to do to loosen up before the session?
    • What kind of hair and makeup do you recommend?
    • Is there anything they need to bring? (water, extra outfit, props, pet)
    • Should they do some mirror-pose-practicing beforehand?
    • What do you take care of that they won’t have to worry about at all? (rain preparation, location scouting, weather planning)

Make sure your clients know how supported and cared for they’ll be when they book you! You want them to know that they will have a great experience no matter what. And there may be some things you’d prefer to keep for clients who’ve booked with you, and that’s great! Just share a couple of tips in that area, and then indicate that clients will receive more upon booking.

5. Your Favorite Locations to Photograph in Your Area

This post is ideal for pleasing the search engine algorithms! By writing about prominent local photography spots, you’ll be showing the search engines the area you serve, so clients in your area can find you more easily! It’s a win-win.

Write a few sentences on why you love each location, the types of sessions it’s best for, and the time of day you take clients there.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • How did you first find these locations?
    • What do you tell clients who want to shoot in a location that is special to them? How do you scout it/make sure it’s photo-ready (dealing with tourists, lighting issues, etc.)?
    • What do you do when the weather’s bad?
    • How do you get photos that don’t have people in the background (especially more touristy locations)?

Pack this post full of hometown tricks and local spots. Making it as location-specific as possible will help boost your SEO powers! And I know photographers always have their super-secret locations, so don’t feel pressured to share those. Just indicate at the end of the post that you have even more great locations you share with clients, and you’ll fire up a potential client’s curiosity!

6. Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self

Alright, grab the tissues because this one can get a little emotional! Write to yourself what you would’ve done if you knew what you know now. Don’t drown in regret—that is never worth it. Just write about choices you might’ve made and roads you could’ve taken if you had a different set of skills in your toolbox. These photography blog posts can serve as a window into who you are now and how much you’ve grown, but they can also give incredible advice to beginning photographers!

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    • How different do you think your life would be now if you knew different things back then? Do you think you would have still made mostly the same choices?
    • What kind of mentorship did you have when you were first starting out? If you didn’t have any, what would you have wanted in a mentor?
    • If you didn’t go through the hardships you did to get where you are today, do you think you’d be better or worse for it?
    • What tips can you offer to beginning photographers to help them skip some of the messy bits of starting a business?

Don’t be afraid to show your more authentic self. This is an opportunity to dig deep (but not too deep because you’re doing it in 30 minutes, remember?).

Psst…here’s a secret: I can write these for you!

Yes, really. You don’t have to do a lick of work yourself — well, okay, you might need to send an email or two. But it’s certainly easier than writing entire posts from scratch!

Check out the services page to see if anything we do vibes with what you’re looking for! After perfecting the booking workflow of your website, we can flood your freshly-written site with the blog posts of your dreams. Let’s chat, and create your perfect written content project!

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