Struggling to Post Engaging Content on Instagram? Try Out This 30-Day Content Calendar!

The Instagram algorithm feeds on two things: consistency and engagement.

But with fresh photo sessions on hold, finding new, interesting content to post can be a major strug. While reposting old content, or finding new photos to share from old sessions, is a great idea…what captions can you pair with them?

There are only so many captions you can write about how weird times are at the moment, but with that being basically the only thing on your mind, what else is there to say? Not to mention how exhausting this whole situation has been! The truth is that, even with more time at home than ever before, creativity just isn’t exactly easy to come by right now.

When I asked photographers how I could be of help during this time of waiting, several spoke up asking for help coming up with engaging Instagram content. And when growing your Insta-following is one of the few things you can actively do at the moment, that makes complete sense!

So, I’ve created a 30-day content calendar for your Instagram! But, rather than messing up those carefully curated feeds, this content exists solely in the captions! Pair the captions with beautiful photos that match the theme of each day, but enjoy 30 whole days of not having to come up with a topic to write about!

Let’s dive into who you are as a person, learn more about your style, and draw the eyes (and engagement) of your ideal clients all through the captions you write! And your caption doesn’t have to be a five-paragraph essay. Keep it short and sweet if that’s all the energy you have today. But just. Keep. Swimming.

30 Instagram Caption Prompts

DAY 1 | What did you want to be before you became a photographer? What changed your mind?

DAY 2 | What colors are you most drawn to as a photographer? What emotions do they embody? Why do you love them so much?

DAY 3 | What is your favorite camera lens to use? Why? What does it let you do that other lenses don’t?

DAY 4 | How do you unwind after a long, exhausting photo session?

DAY 5 | What details do you most love capturing in an image? Why?

DAY 6 | Who is a part of your support system? Tag them and thank them for the ways they uplift and inspire you!

DAY 7 | What is your favorite place you’ve ever photographed? What made it so special?

DAY 8 | Share a great review you’ve received recently!

DAY 9 | What are your favorite resources to recommend to beginning photographers?

DAY 10 | What is one of the most unique sessions you’ve ever had the chance to photograph? What made it so special and memorable?

DAY 11 | What books, movies, or TV shows have you been diving into recently? What would you recommend and why?

DAY 12 | If you could define your brand in three words, what would they be, and what do those words mean to you?

DAY 13 | How do you stay organized and motivated as a solopreneur? What tools or methods keep you on track?

DAY 14 | What is the most fun day you’ve ever had as a photographer? Tell us all about it!

DAY 15 | How have you grown and changed as a photographer since starting your business? Post one of your earliest photos and one of your most recent photos and point out the differences.

DAY 16 | Photography is all about connection, so how do you facilitate connection between your clients? How do you make them comfortable in front of the camera? What prompts do you use?

DAY 17 | What is your favorite quote and how has it inspired your life?

DAY 18 | What are some of the best songs you’ve had on repeat recently?

DAY 19 | What is your favorite up-close-and-personal photograph you’ve taken, and what is your favorite far-far-away photo you’ve taken? When do you employ each technique and how do you do them well?

DAY 20 | What season fits the mood of your brand best? What do you love most about it?

DAY 21 | When it comes to outfits, what fabrics, details, and accessories look best in photos? Which are your favorites to photograph in your style and why?

DAY 22 | Give your clients some love! Showcase some of your favorite joyful images from previous clients and thank them for how incredible they are!

DAY 23 | How do you use movement in your photography? Is your style more posed and tranquil or wildly dynamic? How do you achieve this?

DAY 24 | What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a photographer?

DAY 25 | What’s one hobby you have that people might not know about?

DAY 26 | It takes a village to be a successful photographer! Shout out some of your favorite non-photographer collaborators (graphic designers, web designers, *cough* writers *cough*, etc.) who have helped you thrive on your journey.

DAY 27 | What is one thing that stresses out your ideal client and how do you solve that problem?

DAY 28 | What is one project you hope to complete, destination you hope to photograph, or goal you hope to achieve in the next year as a photographer?

DAY 29 | Tell us something true. Anything at all.

DAY 30 | You don’t have to travel this journey as a photographer alone! Building up relationships inside the photography community is such a rewarding and beautiful thing, so give a shoutout to some of the photographers that inspire you!

I can’t wait to see the incredible, creative things you do with these prompts! Make sure you tag or message me when you start using them, so I can follow along!

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