The Journey Continues

We’ve refined your ideal client, unearthed your brand voice, and taken the elements of your client booking journey to the next level. But your business has so much more written content, and you might be thinking “um…now what?”

Well, now the fun really begins!

With your business’ most vital (and, let’s be real, most stressful) written content taken care of, we can now start creating content that will support and enhance your client experience! From additional pages to blog posts, client guides to email templates, we can work together to ensure ALL of your written content is well-written and packed with personality. 

So whaddya say? Ready to check out the continuing client content collection? Let’s go!

The Continuing Client Content Collection

spring/summer 2021

Tired of trying to come up with interesting captions to pair with your images? Let us give you a hand! In just one week, you’ll have 20 custom-written captions and 30 researched hashtags!
Starting at $450

Have a mile-long blogging to-do list that you never seem to get through? Cross a few off without lifting a finger! In just a week, you can have 5 fully-written blog posts ready to post and share.
Starting at $1,300

Tired of wasting time typing new emails at every stage of your client workflow? Embrace the gift of automation! In a week, we can write 5 email templates that are effective AND personal.
Starting at $1,100

Ready to add a new page to your site? Let’s make sure it maintains the same stellar brand voice we created for the rest of your content! In just a day, we can write a new page…or several!
Starting at $525

Have an idea for a project that you don’t see here? Let’s get creative and customize a content plan just for you! The world is your oyster! The sky is the limit! Think big, and let’s write!
Pricing custom quoted

Wish you could write your own content with a little support? Now you can! Through this monthly editing subscription, you’ll get an in-depth editing pass on the content you write. Learn more here
Starting at $300/month


"I’m never writing my own captions again! The captions fit perfectly within my content pillars and can be paired with almost any photo. They perfectly captured my tone from my humor to my more heartfelt inner feelings."


Hey, ya gem!

I had a freaking blast working with you on your written content the first time around, and I’d absolutely love to keep the party going!

Finding clients you vibe with isn’t easy, and when you do, it’s hard to let them go. So, why the heck should I? Let’s keep going! There are still so many stories we could tell together, and I’d love to continue supporting you and the incredible business you’ve built. 

Whether you’re hoping to add just a couple more things here and there or you’re already imagining the next 10 projects we could do together, I’d be over the moon to hear from you!

I always save two project slots a month for returning clients like you, but they tend to book quickly. So, as soon as you’re ready to reserve your next project date, give me a shout so we can get you penned in! 

And as always if you want to hop on a call to talk particulars before we make things official, you know I love me those phone calls! Just get in touch, and we’ll get something planned. 

No matter if I hear from you next week, next month, or not ’til next year, I look forward to our next chance to partner in telling another chapter of your story together. Let’s delight your clients in a brand new way through a new piece of written content!

Ready to book your next project?