2022 Best Website Templates for Photographers

When the “new year, new me” of it all strikes, the first place photographers often look is at their websites. And I love it! While I think any week is a good week to revamp the most critical piece of marketing in your photography business, the first week of the year couldn’t be a better time to give that dusty old website a revamp! But does that mean you have to invest in a months-long, high-ticket custom redesign? Not necessarily! There are plenty of sensational website templates for photographers running around the web.

But when I say “sensational,” what do I mean? Sure, we want the design to be pretty, but as a copywriter for photographers, I’m always encouraging my clients to embrace authenticity over aesthetic. To focus first on sharing the information your potential clients NEED while allowing design to support that goal.

So, when I assess website templates for photographers, I’m looking for:

  • Just the right amount of text – not so little text that the reader can’t get the information they need but not so much that the reader loses the plot
  • Essential features – if I’m buying a template, I want it to have the boxes I’m looking for pre-designed, including an FAQ, process breakdown, investment, homepage mini about me, and calls to action, to name a few
  • Unique design – I’ve written for hundreds of photographers and seen thousands of websites, so I’m always drawn to templates that have a unique approach without going over the top

So, which templates made the cut of my “Best of 2022?” Let’s cut the chatter and get to the goods!

1. Santa Rosa—Davey & Krista

Santa Rosa Davey and Krista website template for photographers

This fresh, clean template has all of the style without any of the clutter, and it is a must-view option for photographers who work in multiple styles. Finding a cohesive website that equally promotes two or more photography styles (weddings, family, maternity, etc.) is extremely rare, and this template does it oh so well. But most importantly it has plenty of space for the text necessary to expertly promote your photography business! Those services pages really have it all!

Price: $499
Platform: WordPress and Showit
>>Check out the template

2. Chelsea—With Grace And Gold

Chelsea With Grace and Gold website template for photographers

If you’re searching for a template that feels modern and organic, you need to give this fella a peep. It still feels creative without any of the frills and comes with perfectly designed blocks to share all of the information you need. The homepage had me cheering from the moment I arrived, and the overall organization of the site will help photographers avoid getting lost in the aesthetics and share some real value. And I’m such a fan of this template’s take on the portfolio!

Price: $500
Platform: Showit
>>Check out the template

3. San Francisco—With Grace And Gold

San Francisco With Grace and Gold website template for photographers

This beautifully-designed website template for photographers tiptoes the line between cozy and professional unlike any other I’ve seen. It honestly feels like flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine. The about me page gives exactly the right amount of text space, and this blog template is one that might inspire you to ACTUALLY get those posts written that have been waiting on your dusty to-do list for months…

Price: $500
Platform: Showit
>>Check out the template

4. Clover—Tonic Site Shop

Clover Club from Tonic Site Shop website design for photographers

You’ve seen it everywhere because it’s just undeniably one of the most incredible website templates for photographers who lean into a sophisticated, classic style. I mean, I’ve written for it at least four times in the last year! You’ve probably also seen that homepage tagline everywhere, too, because listen…it’s a lovely sentiment, but the number of photographers who are out here using the template dummy text in their final sites is hurting my soul. Please don’t do it.

But back to the template itself! It is a dream, but it does tend toward the lengthy. I’d recommend condensing some of the designs and combining the information and experience pages into a single services page that cuts down on reviews (one to two great reviews per page are all you need!). This will make necessary information so much more accessible to potential clients. But between those two pages, you have everything you need to showcase the value behind your photography brand!

Price: $1,050
Platform: Showit
>>Check out the template

5. Belle Meade—Abigail Dyer Designs

This lesser-known designer definitely deserves a spotlight on this list because her designs are right up there with the best of them! And this design especially feels like one of those magical mood boards you’ve dreamt of creating on your office wall…just in website form! While it’s a little lighter on text than I’d recommend for a photographer, it looks beyond easy to customize to perfection. The key is that it has the necessary elements designed for you making it easy to adjust. And I’d recommend giving her add-ons a look, too, especially if you’re in the market for a modern take on the client guide!

Price: $447
Platform: Showit

>>Check out the template

6. Elise—Flothemes

Elise by Flothemes website template for photographers

If you’re searching for a template that gives you options, this one is for you! Flothemes’ approach to WordPress themes allows you to choose between multiple versions of the same page. And with their flex blocks that make customization a breeze, you’ll be able to create the perfect design to suit your style in no time. Through this template, you can get that sophisticated vibe you love without your final site looking like a clone of someone else’s design…and you don’t have to jump straight to an expensive, lengthy custom design project! That easily makes it one of the best website templates for photographers if you ask me!

Price: $279
Platform: WordPress
>>Check out the template

7. Matisse—Palme Design Co.

Matisse by Palme Design Co website template for photographers

This design from Palme Design Co. is reminiscent of some of the most popular designs of 2020 in all the best ways, but with artistic twists and eye-catching elements that make it feel totally unique. It’s another template that somehow manages to feel personal without losing a drop of its luxury!

While it’s a bit lighter on text than I’d recommend for a photographer, it’s not difficult to imagine how beautifully additional text would flow into the design. And I can’t say enough good things about the way the services page is designed! I mean…having the steps of the process displayed next to each collection!? I’ve never seen anything like it, and now I wish every designer would do it!

Price: $475
Platform: Showit
>>Check out the template

8. Tuscany—Squaremuse

Tuscany by Squaremuse website template for photographers

If you’re searching for something super editorial and artsy, this template from Squaremuse definitely delivers. It’s got all the asymmetrical goodness that is so in style at the moment without an overload of the chaotic energy that makes scrolling through some websites feel like a chore. I’d recommend bumping that body text size up a bit to make it a little easier to read, but this template definitely gives you a look potential clients won’t be seeing a million times in their search to find the perfect photographer!

Price: $299
Platform: Squarespace
>>Check out the template

These website templates for photographers can start you on a path toward your dream storefront in 2022! But without the right words, a beautiful template is just a blank slate: it can either blow your clients away or leave them wanting…and make them leave.

Let’s ensure your new template is filled with words as heart-catching as true-to-you as your new design by booking a two-day signature collection project today! Yeah, you read that right: two-day! In just TWO DAYS, we can write your homepage, about page, details page, contact page, and ghosting-proof inquiry response email. So, you’ll have your brand-new website launched in no time!

I can’t wait to work with you on bringing your unique voice to one of these breathtaking websites. Let’s make 2022 your best year in business yet!

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