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Say Bye to “Authentic,” and Choose One Of These Words Instead

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, boys and girls, but unfortunately this beautiful word has been overused (and incorrectly used) until all meaning has been pretty much wrung out of it. But that’s okay! The great news is that there are plenty of other, more specific words to choose from to illustrate what you mean when you’d naturally reach for “authentic.” So, let’s dig into a few of my favorites so you can find the ones that perfectly match your style.

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10 Better Words To Use Instead of “Fun”

Whether you photograph weddings or newborns, families or entrepreneurs, one thing’s for sure: you encounter endless amounts of fun every time you head out with your camera! But reusing the same three-letter word over and over can get mighty tired. So, let’s try a few new, more specific options on for size.

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Tired of the Word “Important?” Try These Words Instead!

Deposits needs to be paid. Questionnaires need to be filled out. Timelines need to be settled. Outfits need to be chosen. And on and on and on. Sure, it’s all very important…but when you reuse the word “important” over and over to describe everything — from the mildly important to the your-wedding-day-will-literally-fall-apart important — it loses its impact and your point can get lost.

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Say “Amazing” Less & Say These 10+ Words More

As a photographer, you interact with and document countless amazing things. A surprise proposal on a mountaintop as the sun sets behind them. A newborn baby. A bride on her wedding day. They are all transcendently amazing…which can make writing about them in blog posts singularly challenging. So, instead of saying “amazing” over and over and overandoverandover again, give one of these 10+ words a try.

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Stop Overusing “Love” & Try These 10 Words Instead

Just about every moment of a photographer’s day is defined by love. But when the time comes to write about it in bios and blog posts, this beautiful, incredible word gets repeated over and over and over so often that it starts to lose its meaning. So, the next time you write content for your website and are tempted to use the word love, try one of these 10 words on for size instead.

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12 Words Better than “Happy” To Spice Up Your Blog Posts

The word “happy” gets tossed around A LOT. But just like any word that gets overused, it quickly loses all meaning, becoming weak and uninteresting, and that’s the last thing you want to convey when describing the best day of someone’s life…or the way you feel about your job. Breathe a little life into your blog posts or web copy by replacing the word “happy” with these more impactful, specific, emotion-filled words.

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Lose the Word “Gorgeous” & Use These 14 Words To Describe Brides Instead

Especially for well-seasoned wedding photographers, finding new ways to describe your 467th bride on her wedding day can be one of the most challenging hurdles to jump, leading many photographers to skip the writing process entirely. Reclaim the meaning in your posts by dropping the word “gorgeous” and choosing one of these more specific terms to describe your resplendent brides instead!

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