Tired of the Word “Important?” Try These Words Instead!

As a photographer, there is so much in your process that absolutely has to get done.

Deposits needs to be paid. Questionnaires need to be filled out. Timelines need to be settled. Outfits need to be chosen. And on and on and on.

Sure, it’s all very important…but when you reuse the word “important” over and over to describe everything — from the mildly important to the your-wedding-day-will-literally-fall-apart important — it loses its impact and your point can get lost.

So, I’m back again with another post in the Better Words series to give you a hand! Instead of repeating the same word over and over, try these 10 replacements for “important” on for size:


This is a great word to use if the important thing you’re talking about determines the ultimate success of failure of something. If, for example, you’re talking about a well-planned wedding day timeline, this should be a go-to word.


Because this word is also used when describing the signs that demonstrate whether or not a person is alive, it’s a good idea to use it only to describe only one thing — a thing of supreme importance. An example might be when you’re encouraging potential clients to inquire early to reserve their date.


When you’re describing something that, if it went undone, would hinder you from doing your job properly, give this word a try.


Significance suggests importance, but not necessarily of the life or death variety the way “vital” or “crucial” might, making it a great word to choose when talking about something like choosing flowers or picking which photo will go on a save the date.


This word comes with a tone of command, so use it sparingly to emphasize a point. Especially because it is a more unusual word, it will draw eyes to itself…and to the point you are making.


This is a good choice for discussing something that adds, well, value to an experience. An example of something valuable but not necessarily vital might be a client’s choice to send you their outfit ideas before a session for your input.


This word has an “alright fiiiiiine” connotation to it, doesn’t it? It’s a great word to use when talking about something that definitely has to be done but isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, like creating a budget spreadsheet.

8. KEY

A key unlocks the door to what’s inside. By the same token, something that is “key” should be similarly important. Use it to describe something that must be done before anything else can be. A good example is choosing a session date or filling out a client questionnaire so you get to know them before the session.


This word can be used alternately with “crucial” for the same effect.


This word is defined as something that is of central importance, making it a perfect choice when describing something that relates to your core mission statement and why you do what you do.

Once you start unlocking fresh language to use on your website or in blog posts, writing becomes far less dry and stale. It also becomes more fun!

Happy writing!

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