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How Photographers Can Thrive On Instagram… Even When The Algorithm Is Working Against You!

As soon as we master the Instagram algorithm as it is, it changes. And there’s almost no real guidance on how to manage it well. Unfortunately, even the “experts” are just making guesses—lucky guesses that occasionally show results for sure, but guesses nonetheless. And guesses are no way to run a business. So, let’s talk about a few concrete ways you can succeed on Instagram, even in the middle of the constant change hurricane you’re being forced to weather.

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Simple 7-Step Pinterest Strategy for Photographers: How We Went From 0 to 200k+ Monthly Viewers in Less Than a Year!

When we officially launched The Write Lens Pinterest page about a year ago, we had zero Pinterest strategy, let alone a sharable Pinterest strategy for photographers! But after some heavy research, trial and error, and constant tweaking, we found success! So, we wanted to share with you how we went from “umm…idk just post something?” to 200k+ monthly views on our Pinterest in less than a year! And using our 7-step strategy, you can do it, too!

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60 days of Instagram content ideas for photographers blog post

60 Days of Instagram Content Ideas for Photographers

As a photographer, your Instagram page is one of your best marketing tools. But between the oversaturation of content on the platform and the need to magically guess what your followers will respond to, putting together a comprehensive Instagram content strategy can feel exhausting. That’s why I’m going to help you do it! Find 60 FREE prompts for your grid, 40 for your stories, and 20 for your reels in this post!

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Struggling to Post Engaging Content on Instagram? Try Out This 30-Day Content Calendar!

The Instagram algorithm feeds on two things: consistency and engagement. But with fresh photo sessions on hold, finding new, interesting content to post can be a major strug. That’s why I’ve created this 30-day caption prompt calendar! Let’s dive into who you are as a person, learn more about your style, and draw the eyes (and engagement) of your ideal clients all through the captions you write

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