FAQs: 7 Ways To Make This Often-Forgotten Corner of Your Photography Website Work Overtime

As a professional photographer, you don’t want to work overtime if you don’t have to. And you definitely don’t want to spend that overtime answering the same questions over and over and over again! So what if your FAQs on your photography website could take care of that for you? What if a potential client could come into a consultation with specific, unique questions instead of the same four or five every person asks? It’s all possible!

Follow along, and I’ll show you how to let this often-forgotten corner of your website put in that extra work for you, so you can relax and watch ideal clients roll in.

Alright, photographers! Let’s learn how to A some Qs like a pro!

1. Answer questions that aren’t already included in your copy of your photography website

The written content on your website’s pillar pages—Home, About, Services, and Contact—can only be so long. Too much writing risks losing your readers. So why be redundant? Let’s make sure every word counts by ensuring your photography FAQs answer questions that aren’t included elsewhere or are included in a way that clients might miss.

You also don’t want to endlessly repeat yourself in your FAQs. It’s much better to optimize that space by adding new, pertinent information, rather than just resaying what’s already been said. Keep it fresh and the momentum up—you risk losing your photography website browsers if you get too repetitive.

One question you could answer is, “Do you provide payment plans?” because you likely don’t talk about that in your written content elsewhere. Or, “What do we do if it rains on session day?”  Potential clients might have these in their heads, but they seem too logistic-y to integrate into your pillar pages. So, dropping them in the FAQs is the way to go!

2. Be more intentional with the questions you choose

No one wants to read questions like, “Can you photograph my wedding?” because you’re a photographer, dang it! Of course, you can! Make sure the questions you choose are intentional and informative, not obvious. Each of your questions should serve a purpose on your site, not just be filler because you think you need FAQs to seem legit.

Instead, write down a list of questions your clients often ask when they book you. Go through old emails, DMs, and text messages to get ideas. Group them up, rephrase them in your own voice, and add them to your site!

You can also use the answers you share here to lead your web visitors to another corner of your site. For example, if you write an FAQ about wedding photo albums, you can include a link to a blog post you wrote on the topic so curious readers can follow the link and find out more. Or, better yet, link to your contact page to get them one step closer to booking! This is what we like to call a Call to Action, and it’s something you should be using all over your website. Learn how to use seamless, effective Calls to Action by reading this post!

3. Exude confidence and expertise

Girl, you’re an expert in your field. So, puff out your chest and move with confidence! Don’t feel guilty for saying that clients need to book one year in advance. Or that you don’t offer refunds. Or that your prices are what they are, and you’re not offering any discounts. Or that they need to do a discovery phone call before booking you to make sure you are the right fit. Tell it like it is, and don’t apologize for it!

You can’t feel guilty about your business processes. You do it the way you do for a reason, and trust me: you don’t want clients who want you to cut corners, anyway. So be confident in your answers!

One great way to check answers for couching language or a lack of confidence is to read them aloud to your partner or friend. See what they think, since they’ll have a different viewpoint from you. Maybe you sound meek and nervous in your answers. They’ll point it out—just ask them to be honest with you. Or, if you don’t want to do that, practice reading the answers in front of the mirror so you can use a powerful, strong voice. I know it sounds silly, but it can really help.

4. Write in a friendly, conversational tone

Your potential clients landed at your FAQs because they needed an answer, so be sure to be friendly and conversational in your response. Even if the copy of your photography website is full of lofty, elevated language, stepping back a bit to write like you’d talk to an old friend can make a world of difference in the FAQ department.

Potential clients should feel welcomed with open arms and endlessly supported, not chastised or talked down to because they want to know if you photograph weddings in California. Again, do a tone check reading your answers out loud. The friend trick works here, too!

Remember: if you’re a wedding or senior photographer, chances are your clients have never worked with a professional photographer before. They’re going to have a ton of questions that might seem obvious to you but definitely aren’t obvious to a photography-newbie. Be empathetic in your responses. Show your expertise, but do so in a friendly, relaxed way. Don’t be demeaning—be genuine!

5. Optimize for SEO like you would with everything else on your photography website

FAQs are a great time to squeeze in some extra SEO keywords and phrases. Sprinkle in your top keywords just like you would anywhere else on your page. Treat it like you would anything else on your site—keyword it up (Well, within reason, of course)!

Another way to get a little SEO bonus is to snag a Google answer snippet with one of your FAQs. Since Google is always scanning for answers to questions, writing an FAQ makes it even easier for searchers to land on your page. Check the Google snippets that appear when you search “wedding photographer [YOUR AREA]” and see if you can integrate some of those questions into your FAQs. Google snippets are a little backdoor SEO trick that can make a world of difference in your page visits!

If you’re trying to steal the snippet from another photography website, follow the link and see what they wrote. Why is Google giving them the snippet? Scan it to see how you can be better. Write the question in clear, concise language and provide a sharp answer. You might just get lucky the next time your site is crawled!

6. Use Google auto-suggest if you’re stumped

If you don’t have any FAQ ideas off the top of your head, use Google’s auto-suggest feature to come up with some great ones for your photography website. Type in a question you think your potential clients might be searching, such as “do wedding photographers help plan wedding day timelines?” and scroll down a bit to see what the “people also search” questions are. You might just find your next high-ranking question!

Be careful with sounding robotic, though. If you get too wrapped up in going for Google snippets and auto-suggest questions, you risk turning your FAQs into a bland Wikipedia page. Don’t do that! FAQs are great if they can grab some extra site visitors, but their primary purpose is to serve your potential clients.

7. Always keep your ideal client in mind

Say your ideal client’s name is Jen. Ask yourself, “Would Jen like this? Would Jen read these questions and find the answers helpful?” Amidst the weeds of the deep SEO jungle, it’s essential to stick your head up out of the cattails and look around. SEO is important, sure…but writing for your ideal client is the most important! It can also be easy to lose sight of the goal and optimize more for yourself than anyone else. Always keep yourself in check by looking at your FAQs through the eyes of your ideal client.

Try putting a sticky note on your desk that says, “Ask Jen first.” Or set a reminder on your phone to re-read your ideal client description. Or change your phone background to something that reminds you of them. Always always ALWAYS keep your ideal client in mind when you write content for your photography website.

In conclusion: Make friends with your FAQs

FAQs can be your best friend if you treat them like that—not like the forgotten corner of the website they often are. So make friends with your FAQs! Be their buddy! They can help you, as long as you let them.

If you’re looking through your photography website saying, “But my FAQs are the least of my problems!” then we need to chat. Check out the done-for-you copywriting services I offer, or just drop me a line at my contact page!

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