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is fear holding your photography business back thumbnail

Is Fear Holding Your Photography Business Back?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks solopreneurs have to overcome is the tendency to operate from a place of fear. Instead of confidently charging forward with belief in service, approach, and self, they come at every potential client with the equivalent of an awkward side hug. Everything is couched in 10 layers of “only if you want.” Nothing is chased with all-in enthusiasm. And it can have a terrible effect on your business! So, I have to ask: is fear the thing that’s holding your photography business back?

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San Francisco With Grace and Gold website template for photographers

2022 Best Website Templates for Photographers

While I think any week is a good week to revamp the most critical piece of marketing in your photography business, the first week of the year couldn’t be a better time to give that dusty old website a revamp! But does that mean you have to invest in a months-long, high-ticket custom redesign? Not necessarily! There are plenty of sensational website templates for photographers running around the web. And I’m sharing 8 of my favorites!

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SEO for photography websites blog post teaching photographers how to master SEO for photographer by The Write Lens thumbnail

SEO for Photography Websites: How to Show Up on Page One of Google

Your photography website is the keystone of your marketing strategy as a photographer. It shows your prices, your portfolio, your personality, and your professionalism. But if you’re not showing up on the coveted first page of Google, no one’s going to see all the hard work you’ve put into it! And that’s freaking frustrating! So, how do you get potential clients looking at your site? That’s where SEO comes in. But what is photography SEO, and how can you master the art of SEO for photography websites?

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photography website FAQs blog post by The Write Lens

FAQs: 7 Ways To Make This Often-Forgotten Corner of Your Photography Website Work Overtime

What if a potential client could come into a consultation with specific, unique questions instead of the same four or five every person asks? It’s possible! Follow along, and I’ll show you how to let this often-forgotten corner of your website put in that extra work for you, so you can relax and watch ideal clients roll in. Alright, photographers! Let’s learn how to A some Qs like a pro!

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branding for photographers building a voice by the write lens

Branding for Photographers: Building a Business Identity

You’ve probably heard that your photography business needs a brand. But what is “a brand,” anyway? To keep it simple: a brand is how people identify your business. From written voice to color selection to font, your brand is a series of shortcuts people use to know that, oh hey, it’s you. Like curly Coke font, the bright white Apple boxes, or the friendly staff at Trader Joe’s, brands use various tools to stand apart from the crowd. But how does branding for photographers work?

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photography website content tips for 2022 by the write lens main blog thumbnail

22 Photography Website Tips for 2022

Optimizing web content for 2022? But it’s only October! Well, my friends, it’s truly never too early to get your photography website ready for the new year. Why wait for the busy holiday season of engagements and new client inquiries to get your site in order? Let’s just do it right now! Later often means never, and now is the best time to give your site a refresh for booking season and the new year!

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