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Pack Your About Me Page With Personality

You may not have photographed Beyonce or scaled Everest, but no matter how ordinary or uninteresting your journey seems to you, trust me, it is anything but!


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75 Blog Prompts for Photographers

Coming up with fresh blog topics isn’t always easy, especially during busy seasons. But your blog is an invaluable tool…all you have to do is learn how to use it!

Find The Words To Define Your Signature Style

The ability to share a distinct, evocative, deliberate answer both in person and online signals to potential clients that you know exactly who you are — and this is a ridiculously attractive quality in business and humanity in general. We like to work with people who understand exactly who they are and who they’re not. Distilling the aesthetic of your images into words doesn’t just tell potential clients what your art is, it also clearly expresses what it isn’t.

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8 Ways to Revamp Your Generic About Page & Help Clients Get to Know the Real You

Even though you’ve done your best to fill your about me page with information on who you are and what your story is, it’s likely that your info sounds a little bit like everyone else’s. You love coffee, adventures, Netflix, and your kids/husband/dog. Sound like you? Probably, because this is many photographers’ bios in a nutshell. Here are a few ways to make sure that you stand out from the crowd online.

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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Working on Vacation

As I head out on a road trip with tons on my to do list, I will certainly have to lower my expectations for the amount of work I can complete if I want to enjoy this trip. But I also can’t go MIA for two weeks. This survival guide includes some key tips that I’ll be using throughout my weeks on the road.

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7 Handy Tips To Self-Edit Your Writing

It may seem that filling up that ever-intimidating blank, new web page with words is the hardest part of writing. Oh contraire! Writing is hard, but editing your own writing is even harder. Since most of us don’t have a professional editor on speed dial, learning to self-edit your work is important for saving time and money. Here are some tips to get started on editing your writing.

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Speaking Truth: Is Your Web Content Honestly Honest?

The reality of the now is that people are parched for authenticity. So rather than allowing your business to produce cookie cutter art as created by Blandy McBlanderson, embrace your uniqueness and don’t worry about the rest. Your unique stamp will act as a signal fire to your ideal clients, and once they find you, they’ll never let you go. So, how can you implement more honest pieces of yourself in your written web content? Here are a few quick questions to explore and work into your website and blog posts.

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Transform Your Website From A Plain Ol’ Portfolio Into An Effective Marketing Tool

If you’ve noticed you’re not booking as many new clients as you would like, and you aren’t sure where to start making changes, consider the power of embracing your website as a marketing tool first and a portfolio second. By making changes in these four key areas, you’ll build stronger bonds with potential clients and persuade clients-to-be to click “submit” on that contact form.

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6 Overused Phrases Weakening Your About Me Page

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